Proxy FAQ
Ogeechee Technical College

Q: Which students can set up a proxy in OTC Banner Web?

A: Any current student with OTC Banner Web access has the ability to set up a proxy designee by logging into Banner Web and completing information contained on the Personal Information Menu in the Proxy Access section.

Q: I no longer want my proxy to have access to my Banner Web pages. What do I do?

A: Log into Banner Web and you can remove access several ways.  You can change the “Stop Date” on the “Profile” tab for the proxy and/or you can remove all of the checkmarks on the “Authorization” tab.  The proxy will no longer see your name when they access the Proxy Access Banner Web portal.

Q: Can an e-mail address be assigned as a proxy for multiple students?

A: Yes. Proxies are identified by e-mail address, and multiple students can assign that address as a proxy. This is particularly useful in the case of siblings attending Ogeechee Technical College. For example, a mom’s e-mail address might be Multiple students can assign that address as their proxy.

Q: When a proxy receives access to multiple students’ records, can each student set up different levels of access?

A: Yes. Each student who grants proxy access to an e-mail address has complete control over the access to his or her account, including start and stop dates and permission levels.

Q: Can multiple proxies use the same e-mail address?

A: Ideally, no. However, if parents share an e-mail address and a student wishes to grant proxy access to both using that address, the student can do so. If this is how the student wishes to set it up, we ask that, when completing the first-name field, the student enters both first names (example: Renee and Dale). In the relationship description field, enter “parents” or “mom and dad” so that it is clear to any administrator reviewing the permissions that this e-mail address is for more than one person. The unique identifier for the proxy in Self-Service Banner is the proxy’s email address. An email address can only be associated with one person for data entry purposes.

Q: How can I tell if the proxy has viewed any of my Banner Web pages?

A: Click the “History” tab to view the activity for that proxy. The webpage will display the most recent activity including access to Banner Web pages, pages being disabled, and details of your proxy’s access to Banner Web as well as the pages that the proxy has viewed. The most recent 40 items will display.

Q: Will my proxy be notified if I modify or remove authorization to view my Banner Web pages?

A: There is no automatic notification sent when you modify an existing authorization on the “Authorization” tab for your proxy. You have the ability to click the “Email Authorizations” icon to generate an email to your proxy if you would like.

Q: I am a proxy and I can’t see all of my student’s information; can you change that for me?

A: Administrators at Ogeechee Technical College cannot change the permission settings for proxies. Only the student granting the proxy access can change the permissions that are granted.

Q: I am a proxy and I don’t know my passphrase. Can you send it to me?

A: OTC Administrators cannot send you the passphrase, nor can we share it with you. The student who set you up as a proxy can log in to OTC Banner Web. In Banner Web, he or she can go to the Proxy Access menu and can click E-mail Passphrase to send it to you.

Q: What is a passphrase?

A: A passphrase is a unique code word or phrase that a student assigns to each proxy they set up. Proxies need to use their passphrases when they call college departments and need to have conversations about students’ confidential information. College administrators will validate the passphrases and access granted to the proxies before speaking with them. This is done to protect the rights of the students under FERPA. Both types of access of student data require the student to have designated the individual Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act authorization. The Authorization and Request to Release Information should be completed by the student and turned in to the Registrar’s Office to validate passphrase use confirmation for their designated proxy.

Q: A student identified me as their proxy, what do I need to do?

A: Watch for a “New Proxy Identity” email from a student that notifies you that you have been identified for a student.
Use the Temporary PIN provided to access the proxy access pages via the link contained in the email and establish a New PIN as well as provide profile information.

Watch for a “New Proxy Relationship” email from the student.
Once received, contact the student and ask them to send you a list of the OTC Banner Web self-service pages that they have authorized you to view. They can send you this email within their Banner Web account.

Watch for an “Updated Proxy Access Authorization” email from the student letting you know which OTC Banner Web pages you have been authorized to view.

Watch for a “Send Updated Proxy Passphrase” email from the student. The Passphrase contained in this email is for your use when speaking with any OTC administrator or representative (Enrollment Services, Registrar’s Office, and Financial Aid) about data contained in the student information system for the student.

Q: I am a proxy and my e-mail address is changing. What can I do?

A: On your proxy profile page, update your email address and click save. The system will send two email messages. The first to your old email address to inform you that a request for change from this e-mail address has occurred and if it was done in error, there is a unique link to click the cancel the change. The second email is to your new email address indicating that a change to this address was initiated and a unique link to click to confirm this email address change is included.