Ogeechee Technical College

Meet the Faculty

Terry L. Hand

CIS Instructor

Office: Rm 865
Occupational Studies Bldg.

Terry Hand is lead Computer Networking instructor for the Computer Information Systems Technology program at Ogeechee Technical College, specifically in the area of computer networking, PC installation and maintenance and computer security. He has been teaching in the CIS field since January 2003 and was named Ogeechee Technical College Instructor of the Year in 2007. Mr. Hand holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgia Southern University and a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems (MSCIS) from the University of Phoenix. Terry also holds the following industry standard computer IT certifications: MCSA(Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator), MCP(Microsoft Certified Professional), Security+ from CompTIA, Network+ from CompTIA, A+ from CompTIA.

Program Goals

1. To prepare students with the technical knowledge and skills needed to protect and defend computer systems and networks.                                                        
2. To develop graduates that can plan, implement, and monitor cyber security mechanisms to help ensure the protection of information technology assets.                                                       
3. To develop graduates that can identify, analyze, and remediate computer security breaches.   



Programs of Study

Cybersecurity Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree
Cybersecurity Diploma
Cybersecurity Certificate


Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Cybersecurity program is to train and enable students who have an interest in defending systems and software to gain the skills required to work as an Information Security Analyst or Computer System Analyst.   


Program Courses

CIST 1001 - Computer Concepts
CIST 1122 - Hardware Installation and Maintenance
CIST 1401 - Computer Networking Fundamentals
CIST 1601 - Information Security Fundamentals
CIST 1602 - Security Policies and Procedures

CIST 2451 - Introduction to Networks – CISCO
CIST 2601 - Implementing Operating Systems Security
CIST 2602 - Network Security
CIST 2611 - Network Defense and Countermeasures
CIST 2612 - Computer Forensics
CIST 2613 - Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

CIS Networking Elective (2)