General Education
Ogeechee Technical College

Meet the Faculty

Literature & Humanities

Ray Delva
English Instructor

Office: Rm1228
Natural Resources Bldg.

John Groover

English Instructor

Office: Rm 1226
Natural Resources Bldg.

John is a native of Statesboro (GA) but has also lived in Florida, Illinois, and Missouri. After working with both high school and university students for 17 years, John came to Ogeechee Tech in 1993. Even though he began college in Missouri, he earned his degrees at Georgia Southern University. He was selected as the Technical College Instructor of the Year for the State of Georgia in 1999. Active in the community, John has won both service and leadership awards for his dedication to organizations such as Bulloch County’s American Cancer Society “Relay for Life” and the Averitt Center for the Arts.

English & Speech

Victoria Ruiz

English Instructor

Office: Rm 1224
Natural Resources Bldg.

She has a degree in English and Modern Foreign Languages from Georgia Southern University and a Master of Arts in English from the University of Tennessee.
Victoria began her journey at Ogeechee Technical College as a Peer Tutor in the Academic Enrichment Center. In 2017, she joined the faculty as a full-time English instructor. She teaches diploma and degree-level English classes as well as College & Career Success Skills.

Matthew Gainous

English Instructor

Office: Rm 1305
Natural Resources Bldg.

Matthew Gainous began teaching at Ogeechee Technical College in 2000. He teaches English and Reading for degree, diploma, and learning support students. Matthew holds a Master's of Education in English and a Bachelor of Arts in English, both from Georgia Southern University. He is the chairperson for the Ogeechee Tech American Diabetes Association Committee and has also served on numerous campus committees. In June 2008, Matthew was chosen as Ogeechee Technical College's Instructor of the Year for 2008-2009, and in February 2011, he was chosen as the recipient of the Dorothy Golden Award for Excellence in Teaching Composition at the Georgia Southern University Student Success in Writing Conference in Savannah, GA.

Biology & Chemistry

Crystal Ivey

Biology Instructor

Office: Rm 956
Health Science North Bldg.

Crystal grew up in the beautiful golden isles of Brunswick, GA. She started college in 2009 at Georgia Southern University where she was awarded her bachelor of sciences in biology in 2013 and her masters in 2015 where she focused her studies on molecular biology. During her master’s program, she was involved in the Molecular Biology Initiative Program whose aim was to bring molecular biology to the high school classroom. Crystal also expanded her education into the clinical side of biology and obtained a second bachelor degree in medical technology.  Previously, Crystal has taught at Georgia Southern University, Armstrong State University, and Effingham County High school. Crystal has called Ogeechee Technical College home since January 2017.


Laurie Muldrew

Mathematics Instructor

Office: Rm 1307
Natural Resources Bldg.

I am a Bulloch county native and a graduate of Georgia Southern University.  After finishing with a bachelor’s degree, I began working with my family’s retail business, L.A. Waters Furniture.  While working on the sales floor, I began coursework for my master’s degree in mathematics.

In 1991 with three years of retail experience, I began teaching math at the relatively new technical college, Ogeechee Technical Institute.  I enjoyed teaching during the day and completing my master’s degree requirements at GSU during the evening.  At the time, many of my students were also balancing work and school schedules, so I was able to relate to their challenges.

With the birth of first of three children, I left OTC to care for my family.  In 2012, I returned to teach at OTC as an adjunct professor until 2015 when I began working as a full-time instructor in the public school system.  When OTC had a full-time opening, I gladly returned in 2017.

I am happily married to Michael, and we have three wonderful children:  Daniel, Joseph and Kate.  In my free time, I enjoy riding horses and playing tennis.


Emily Phillips

Mathematics Instructor

Office: Rm 519
Health Science South Bldg.

Mrs. Phillips began teaching at Ogeechee Technical College in 2002 as an adjunct Mathematics instructor and joined Ogeechee Technical College as a full time instructor in July of 2003. She teaches Mathematics for degree, diploma, and learning support students. Mrs. Phillips holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Georgia Southern University and a Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from Georgia Southern University. She is married with three children.

Susan Pope

Mathematics Instructor

Office: Rm 1315
Natural Resources Bldg.

Susan began teaching at Ogeechee Technical College in July 2003. She teaches Math for degree, diploma, and learning support students. Susan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Georgia Southern University and a Master’s of Science in Applied Mathematics from Georgia Southern University. She has been nominated for Instructor of the Year for each year that she has taught and has been selected for three years, 2008 and 2009, and 2012 as a finalist for Instructor of the Year. She was chosen to attend the Lighthouse Institute in 2006. She is a member of the Statesboro Service League and Phi Mu Alumni. Susan is married and has two boys.

Stephanie Wiggins

Mathematics Instructor

Office: Rm 1314
Natural Resources Bldg.

Stephanie earned a BA degree in Mathematics from Luther College of Decorah, Iowa in 1989 and a MS degree in Mathematics from The University of Arizona in 1992. At The University of Arizona, she was a graduate teaching assistant, upon graduation she became a full-time mathematics instructor.  In 1994, she and her husband moved to Minnesota; she worked as a Programmer Analyst in the Information Systems department of a Fortune 500 corporation, Minnesota Life.  She held this position, until she and her husband decided to start a family. She a full-time stay-at-home mom. For 20 years, her primary focus was raising their children while homeschooling all nine children.

Georgia is the eighth state she has called home; she has lived in Bulloch County ten years on a thirteen-acre hobby farm with her husband, Michael, a business law professor at Georgia Southern. They have two houses on the property and live together with four generations of their large family, including two grandchildren.  

She has gained invaluable experience teaching and home schooling her own children mathematics and very excited to share her love of math with the community of Ogeechee Technical College.





General Education Areas

American Literature
College and Career Survival Skills
Job Acquisition Skills



General Education Purpose Statement

The general education program at Ogeechee Technical College is designed to ensure that students learn to think logically, critically, and creatively, communicate clearly and effectively, and develop skills, values, and attitudes essential to living meaningful and responsible lives.


General Education Goals

  1. To enhance the ability of students to effectively convey and receive information at the college level of competence;

  2. To promote an understanding of ethical issues implicit in their personal behavior and in the operation of political, social, and economic institutions;

  3. To promote an understanding of the forces that have influenced the development of social, governmental, political, and/or economic foundations;

  4. To develop the ability of students to understand and apply mathematical abstraction;

  5. To enhance the ability of students to integrate new information with previously acquired information to solve problems;

  6. To enhance the awareness of students of the cultural heritage of humans;

  7. To enhance the appreciation and understanding of the nature and value of the fine arts;

  8. To develop the computer skills of students so that they may use computers and related technology for communicating, researching, organizing, storing, accessing, and presenting information.


General Education Courses

ARTS 1101 - Art Appreciation
BIOL 1111 - Biology I
BIOL 1111L - Biology Lab I
BIOL 1112 - Biology II
BIOL 1112L - Biology Lab II
BIOL 2113 - Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL 2113L - Anatomy and Physiology Lab I
BIOL 2114 - Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL 2114L - Anatomy and Physiology Lab II
BIOL 2117 - Introductory Microbiology
BIOL 2117L - Introductory Microbiology Lab
CHEM 1211 - Chemistry I
CHEM 1211L - Chemistry Lab I
CHEM 1212 - Chemistry II
CHEM 1212L - Chemistry Lab II
COLL 1010 - College and Career Success Skills
ECON 1101 - Principles of Economics
ECON 2105 - Macroeconomics
EMPL 1000 - Interpersonal Relations and
Professional Development
ENGL 0090 - Learning Support English
ENGL 1010 - Fundamentals of English I
ENGL 1101 - Composition and Rhetoric
ENGL 1102 - Literature and Composition
ENGL 2110 - World Literature
ENGL 2130 - American Literature


HIST 1111 - World History I
HIST 1112 - World History II
HIST 2111 - U.S. History I
HIST 2112 - U.S. History II
HUMN 1101 - Introduction to Humanities
MATH 0090 - Learning Support Math
MATH 1011 - Business Math
MATH 1012 - Foundations of Mathematics
MATH 1015 - Geometry and Trigonometry
MATH 1103 - Quantitative Skills and Reasoning
MATH 1101 - Mathematical Modeling
MATH 1111 - College Algebra
MATH 1112 - College Trigonometry
MATH 1113 - Pre-calculus
MATH 1127 - Introduction to Statistics
MUSC 1101 - Music Appreciation
PHYS 1110 - Conceptual Physics
PHYS 1110L - Conceptual Physics Lab
PHYS 1111 - Introductory Physics I
PHYS 1111L - Introductory Physics Lab I
PHYS 1112 - Introductory Physics II
PHYS 1112L - Introductory Physics Lab II
PSYC 1010 - Basic Psychology
PSYC 1101 - Introductory Psychology
SOCI 1101 - Introduction to Sociology
SPCH 1101 - Public Speaking