Policies & Procedures
Ogeechee Technical College

Section I. Introduction | Section 2. Mission and System Of Governance  |  Section 3. Administration/Operations 
Section 4. Human Resources
| Section 5. Academic Affairs  |  Section 6. Student Affairs

Ogeechee Technical College adheres to the policies, procedures, and guidelines developed by the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia (SBTCSG). Ogeechee Tech develops procedures to ensure specific methods are employed to express State Board policies and procedures in day-to-day operations.


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1.1. Policy - Development, Approval and Review of TCSG Policies and Procedures (TCSG)

1.1p. Procedure - Development, Approval, and Review of TCSG Policies and Procedures (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Development, Approval and Review of Local Procedures

1.1p.a1. Attachment - State Board Policy Format (TCSG)

1.1p.a2. Attachment - TCSG Procedure Format (TCSG)

OTC Attachment - Local Procedure Format

Statute O.C.G.A. § 20-4-11 Powers of Board (TCSG)

Statute O.C.G.A. § 20-4-14 TCSG Powers and Duties (TCSG)



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2.1. State Board Governance

2.1.1. Policy - Statement of Equal Opportunity (TCSG)

2.1.1p. Procedure - Statement of Equal Opportunity (TCSG)

2.1.1p.a1. Attachment - EEOC Statement from Commissioner (TCSG)

OTC Statement of Equal Opportunity

2.1.2. Policy - Mission Statement (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Mission Statement

OTC Attachment - Mission Statement Process

OTC Procedure - Vision Statement

2.1.3. Policy - Responsibilities and Authority (TCSG)

2.1.4. Policy - Bylaws (TCSG)

2.1.5. Policy - Compensation and Expenses (TCSG)

2.1.5.a1. Attachment - Method for Reimbursement for Board-Related Expenses (TCSG)

2.1.6. Policy - Ethical Responsibilities (TCSG)

2.1.6.a1. Attachment - Acknowledgement of Ethical Responsibility (TCSG)

2.1.7. Policy - President Emeritus (TCSG)

2.1.7p. Procedure - President Emeritus Designation (TCSG)

2.1.8. Policy - Building Naming (TCSG)

2.1.8p. Procedure - Building Naming (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Naming of College Buildings, Grounds or Programs

2.2. Office of the Commissioner

2.2.1. Policy - Commissioner Responsibilities and Authority (TCSG)

2.2.2. Policy - Agency Strategic Planning (TCSG)

2.3. Technical Colleges

2.3.1. Policy - Employment of Presidents (TCSG)

2.3.1p. Procedure - Appointment of Presidents (TCSG)

2.3.2. Policy - Responsibilities and Authority of Technical College Presidents (TCSG)

2.3.2p. Procedure - Presidential Responsibilities (TCSG)

2.3.2p.a1. Attachment - Request to Approve Direct Report Form (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Public Complaint

OTC Attachment - General Public Complaint Form

2.3.3. Policy - Technical College Strategic Planning (TCSG)

2.3.3p. Procedure - TCSG College Strategic Planning (TCSG)

2.3.4. Policy - Technical College Accreditation (TCSG)

2.3.5 Policy - Substantive Change Reporting (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Substantive Change Reporting

2.3.6 Policy - Accreditation Reporting Standards (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Accreditation Reporting Standards

2.4. Local Board of Directors

2.4.1. Policy - Local Board Responsibilities and Authority (TCSG)

2.4.1.a1. Attachment - Local Board Bylaws (TCSG)

2.4.1.a2. Attachment - Guidelines Teleconferencing Local Board Meetings (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Local Board Responsibilities and Authority

OTC Procedure - Local Board Bylaws

2.4.3p. Procedure - Compensation and Expenses (TCSG)

2.1.5.a1. Attachment - Selection for Reimbursement Board Related Expenses (TCSG)

2.4.4p. Procedure - Local Board Member Emeritus (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Local Board Member Emeritus

2.4.5p. Procedure - Approving Technical College Local Board Members (TCSG)

2.4.5p.a1. Attachment - Appointment/Reappointment of Local Board Members (TCSG)

2.1.6. Policy - Ethical Responsibilities (TCSG)

2.1.6.a1. Attachment - Acknowledgement of Ethical Responsibility (TCSG)



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3.1. Budget and Accounting

3.1.1. Policy - Financial Overview (TCSG)

3.1.2. Policy - Annual Budget Requests and Operating Budgets (TCSG)

3.1.3. Policy - Transfer of Funds Among Technical Colleges (TCSG)

3.1.4. Policy - Accounting System (TCSG)

3.1.5. Policy - Contract Management (TCSG)

3.1.6. Policy - Payroll System (TCSG)

3.1.7. Policy - Enterprise Funds (TCSG)

3.1.8. Policy - Audits (TCSG)

3.1.8p. Procedure - State Board Audit Resolution (TCSG)

3.1.9. Policy - Bank Accounts (TCSG)

3.1.10. Policy - Petty Cash Funds (TCSG)

3.1.11. Policy - Georgia Sales and Use Tax (TCSG)

3.1.12. Policy - Cooperative Nonprofit Organizations (TCSG)

3.1.12.a1. Attachment - MOU Cooperative Nonprofit Organizations (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Cooperative Nonprofit Organizations

OTC Procedure - Foundation

3.1.13. Policy - Personal Checks (TCSG)

3.1.13p. Procedure - Debt Collection Contract-College Unpaid Debt (TCSG)

3.1.13p.a1. Attachment - Returned Checks Forms (TCSG)

3.1.13p.a2. Attachment - Debt Collection Referral Letter to Collection Agency (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Collection

3.1.14. Policy - Indirect Cost Rate (TCSG)

3.1.15. Policy - Corporate Charge Cards (TCSG)

3.1.16. Policy - Purchasing (TCSG)

3.1.16p1. Procedure - Purchasing Bond Funded Goods & Services (TCSG)

3.1.16p2. Procedure - Purchasing Non-Bond Funded Goods & Services (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Purchasing

Business Office Procedures & Internal Controls

Purchasing Card Policies & Procedures Manual

3.2. Copyright, Intellectual Property Protection

3.2.1. Policy - Intellectual Property (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Intellectual Property

3.2.2p. Procedure - Patentable or Copyrightable Materials (TCSG)

3.2.3p. Procedure - HEOA P2P Unauthorized File Sharing Prevention Compliance (TCSG)

3.3. Operations

3.3.1. Policy - Maintenance (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Food and Drink

OTC Procedure - Litter

3.3.2. Policy - Use of Vehicles (TCSG)

3.3.2p. Procedure - DOAS Motor Pool (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Use of College Vehicles

OTC Procedure - Traffic and Parking

3.3.3. Policy - Use of Campus Facilities (TCSG)

3.3.3.a1. Attachment - Use of Campus License Agreement (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Use of Campus Facilities

OTC Request for Facilities Rental Exhibit

OTC Facilities Rental Agreement Exhibit

OTC Facility Rental Fee Schedule Exhibit

OTC Request to Waive Fee for Facility Rental Exhibit

OTC Procedure - Electronic Message Board Usage

OTC Procedure - Advertising and Distribution of Materials by Non-College Entities

OTC Procedure - Solicitation Procedure

3.3.4p. Procedure - Acceptable Computer and Internet Use (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Acceptable Computer and Internet Use

OTC Procedure - Email Use

OTC Procedure - Privacy Notice to Computer Users

OTC Procedure - Remote Access

OTC Procedure - Laptop Computer Use

OTC Procedure - Web Design

3.3.5. Policy - Use of Telecommunications Equipment (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Controlling Usage of Telecommunications Equipment

3.3.6. Policy - Alcohol on Campus (TCSG)

3.3.6p. Procedure - Alcohol on Campus (TCSG)

3.3.6.a1. Attachment - Alcohol on Campus Request/Agreement (TCSG)

3.3.6.a2. Attachment - Department of Revenue Alcohol Tax Law (TCSG)

3.3.6.a3. Attachment - Sample Event Agreement Form (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Alcohol on Campus

OTC Request for Facilities Rental Exhibit

OTC Facilities Rental Agreement Exhibit

3.3.7. Policy - Tobacco Use (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Tobacco Use

3.3.8. Policy - Records Management >(TCSG)

3.3.9. Policy - Inventory Management (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Authorized Uses of Equipment and Supplies

3.3.10. Policy - Firearms, Weapons, and Explosives (TCSG)

3.3.11. Policy - Severe Inclement Weather (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Severe Inclement Weather

3.3.12. Policy - Real Property Acquisitions and Leases (TCSG)

3.3.12.a1. Attachment - Space Request Form (TCSG)

3.3.13p. Procedure - Business Email Archiving, Retention and Investigation (TCSG)

3.3.14p. Procedure - Open Records Act (TCSG)

3.3.14p.a1. Attachment - Open Record Sample Letter (TCSG)

3.3.15. Policy - Environmental Protection (TCSG)

3.3.16. Policy - Identity Theft Prevention (TCSG)

3.4. Emergency Preparedness

3.4.1. Policy - Emergency Preparedness, Health, Safety and Security (TCSG)

3.4.1p1. Procedure - TCSG Emergency Operations Plan (TCSG)

3.4.1p2. Procedure - TCSG Business Continuity Plan (TCSG)

3.4.1p3. Procedure - TCSG Exposure Control Plan (TCSG)

3.4.1p4. Procedure - TCSG Hazard Communication Program and Hazardous Chemical Inventory (TCSG)

3.4.1p5. Procedure - TCSG Security (TCSG)

3.4.1p5.a1. Attachment - TCSG Annual Security Report Template (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Employee Access to Facilities



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4.1. Employment Guidelines and Processes

2.1.1. Policy - Statement of Equal Opportunity (TCSG)

2.1.1p. Procedure - Statement of Equal Opportunity (TCSG)

2.1.1p.a1. Attachment - EEOC Statement from Commissioner (TCSG)

OTC Statement of Equal Opportunity

4.1.1. Policy - Recruiting and Hiring (TCSG)

4.1.1p1. Procedure - Recruiting and Hiring (TCSG)

4.1.1p1.a1. Attachment - Request to Recruit (TCSG)

4.1.1p1.a2. Attachment - Personnel Action Form (TCSG)

4.1.1p1.a3. Attachment - Request for Background Check (TCSG)

4.1.1p1.a4. Attachment - MAPEP Exam Forms (TCSG)

4.1.1p1.a5. Attachment - MAPEP Subsequent Injury Form (MS 10-51) (TCSG)

4.1.1p1.a6. Attachment - MAPEP Medical Findings Forms (MS 10-56) (TCSG)

4.1.1p1.a7. Attachment - MAPEP General Information Forms (MS 10-50) (TCSG)

4.1.1p1.a8. Attachment - Official Letter of Employment (TCSG)

4.1.1p1.a9. Attachment - Notification Letter to Non-Selected (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Recruiting and Hiring

OTC Guidelines - Interviewing and Hiring Full-Time Faculty & Staff

OTC Guidelines - Interviewing and Hiring Part-Time Staff

OTC Guidelines - Interviewing and Hiring Adjunct Faculty

4.1.1p2. Procedure - IntraSystem Recruitment (TCSG)

4.1.2p. Procedure - Verifying Employment Eligibility (TCSG)

4.1.3. Policy - Job Descriptions (TCSG)

4.1.4p. Procedure - Categories of Employment (TCSG)

4.1.4p.a1. Attachment - Adjunct Letter of Appointment (TCSG)

4.1.5. Policy - Verification of Employment (TCSG)

4.1.6. Policy - Employment Contracts (TCSG)

4.1.6.a1. Attachment - Contract for Presidents (TCSG)

4.1.6.a2. Attachment - Contract for Faculty (TCSG)

4.1.6.a3. Attachment - Contract for Professional Staff (TCSG)

4.1.6.a4. Attachment - Non-Renewal Letter (TCSG)

4.1.7. Policy - Personnel Files (TCSG)

4.1.7p. Procedure - Personnel Files (TCSG)

4.1.7p.a1. Attachment - Documents to be Retained in Personnel Files (TCSG)

4.1.7p.a2. Attachment - Docs to be Maintained Separately from Personnel Files (TCSG)

4.1.7p.a3. Attachment - Notice to Purge Records (TCSG)

4.1.8. Policy - Instructional Staff Work Assignments (TCSG)

4.1.8p. Procedure - Instructional Staff Work Assignments (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Faculty Workload

4.1.9. Policy - Background Investigations (TCSG)

4.1.9p. Procedure - Background Investigations (TCSG)

4.7.2p.a5. Attachment - Drivers' History Consent Form (TCSG)

4.1.9p.a1. Attachment - Criminal History Consent Form (TCSG)

4.1.9p.a2. Attachment - DSI-GA Background Request Form (TCSG)

4.1.9p.a3. Attachment - Fair Credit Reporting Act Guidelines (TCSG)

4.1.9p.a4. Attachment - Credit Info Release & Fair Credit Reporting Disclosure (TCSG)

4.1.9p.a5. Attachment - GCIC Awareness Statement (TCSG)

4.1.9p.a6. Attachment - Pre-Employment Questionnaire-P.O.S.T Law Enforce Positions (TCSG)

4.1.9p.a7. Attachment - Authorization to Release Personal Info Form (TCSG)

4.1.9p.a8. Attachment - Medical & Physical Exam Acknowledgement Form (TCSG)

4.1.9p.a9. Attachment - Cogent Sys/GA App Process Acknowledgement Form (TCSG)

4.1.9p.a10. Attachment - Glossary of Criminal History Terms and Conditions (TCSG)

4.1.9p.a11. Attachment - Summary of Rights under Fair Credit Reporting Act (TCSG)

4.1.9p.a12. Attachment - Governor Deal's Executive Order February 2015 (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Volunteer Services

OTC Volunteer Acknowledgement of Confidentiality of Records Exhibit

OTC Volunteer Services Form Exhibit

OTC Volunteer Services Position Description Form Exhibit

4.1.10. Policy - Reduction in Force (TCSG)

4.1.10p. Procedure - Reduction in Force (TCSG)

4.1.10p.a1. Attachment - RIF Assessment Matrix Guidelines (TCSG)

4.1.10p.a2. Attachment - RIF Assessment Matrix Definitions (TCSG)

4.1.10p.a3. Attachment - RIF Assessment Matrix Technical Colleges (TCSG)

4.1.10p.a4. Attachment - RIF Assessment Matrix System Office (TCSG)

4.1.10p.a5. Attachment - College Special Case Exception Form (TCSG)

4.1.10p.a6. Attachment - System Office Special Case Exception Form (TCSG)

4.2. Work Hours and Schedules

4.2.1. Policy - Working Hours, Overtime and Compensatory Time (TCSG)

4.2.1p. Procedure - Working Hours, Overtime, and Compensatory Time (TCSG)

4.2.1p.a1. Attachment - Overtime Exemption Information - FLSA (TCSG)

4.2.1p.a2. Attachment - Understanding Concerning FLSA Compensatory Time (TCSG)

4.2.1p.a3. Attachment - Sample Time Sheet (TCSG)

4.2.2. Policy - Official Business Hours and Work Schedules (TCSG)

4.2.2p1. Procedure - Official Business Hours and Work Schedules (TCSG)

4.2.2p1.a1. Attachment - 9hr-4day Work Schedule Example (TCSG)

4.2.2p1.a2. Attachment - 9hr-4day Work Schedule Agreement (TCSG)

4.2.2p1.a3. Attachment - 10hr-4day Work Schedule Agreement (TCSG)

4.2.2p2. Procedure - Work Away (TCSG)

4.2.2p2.a1. Attachment - Teleworking Agreement (TCSG)

4.2.2p2.a2. Attachment - Teleworking Self-Assessment (TCSG)

4.2.2p2.a3. Attachment - Teleworking Self-Certification (TCSG)

4.2.2p2.a4. Attachment - Teleworking Selection Criteria (TCSG)

4.3. Employee Ethics and Standards of Conduct

4.3.1p. Procedure - Unlawful Harassment of Staff (TCSG)

4.3.1p.a1. Attachment - Employee Acknowledgement re: Unlawful Harassment (TCSG)

4.3.2. Policy - Ethics and Standards of Conduct for Employees (TCSG)

4.3.2p1. Procedure - Ethical Responsibilities of Employees (TCSG)

4.3.2p1.a1. Attachment - Governor Deal's Executive Order February 2015 (TCSG)

4.3.2p1.a2. Attachment - Sample Employee Ethics Acknowledgement Form (TCSG)

4.3.2p2. Procedure - Consensual Relationships (TCSG)

4.3.2p3. Procedure - Gifts, Honoraria and Expenses (TCSG)

4.3.2p3.a1. Attachment - Report of Expense Reimbursement by 3rd Party (TCSG)

4.3.2p4. Procedure - Standards of Business Conduct (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Employee Dress Code

4.3.2p5. Procedure - Political Activity (TCSG)

4.3.2p5.a1. Attachment - Political Activity Request Form (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Public Demonstrations

4.3.2p6. Procedure - Other Employment (TCSG)

4.3.2p6.a1. Attachment - Initial Request for Other Employment (TCSG)

4.3.2p6.a2. Attachment - Request to Continue Other Employment (TCSG)

4.3.2p6.a3. Attachment - Request for Other Employment for Adjuncts (TCSG)

4.3.2p6.a4. Attachment - State Business Transaction Disclosure Report (TCSG)

4.3.2p6.a5. Attachment - PS Employment Records Worksheet (TCSG)

4.3.2p6.a6. Attachment - FLSA Designation Worksheet (TCSG)

4.3.2p6.a7. Attachment - Overtime Calculation Worksheet (TCSG)

4.3.2p6.a8. Attachment - FAQ (TCSG)

4.3.2p7 - Procedure - Children in the Workplace (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Visitors

4.3.3p. Procedure - Workplace Violence (TCSG)

4.3.3p.a1. Attachment - Workplace Violence Incident Report Form (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Workplace Violence

OTC Attachment - Workplace Violence Incident Reporting Form

4.3.4. Policy - Employment of Relatives (TCSG)

4.4. Employee Performance Management

4.4.1. Policy - Positive Discipline (TCSG)

4.4.1p. Procedure - Positive Discipline (TCSG)

4.4.1p.a1. Attachment - Performance Management Matrix-Technical Colleges (TCSG)

4.4.1p.a2. Attachment - Performance Management Matrix-System Office (TCSG)

4.4.1p.a3. Attachment - Worksheet Pre-Meeting Checklist (TCSG)

4.4.1p.a4. Attachment - Worksheet-Post-Meeting Summary (TCSG)

4.4.1p.a5. Attachment - Reminder 2 Sample Memorandum (TCSG)

4.4.1p.a6. Attachment - Decision Making Leave Sample Memorandum (TCSG)

4.4.1p.a7. Attachment - Suspension with Pay Sample Letter (TCSG)

4.4.2p. Procedure - Adverse Employment Actions (TCSG)

4.4.3. Policy - Employee Complaint Resolution (TCSG)

4.4.3p. Procedure - Employee Complaint Resolution (TCSG)

4.4.3p.a1. Attachment - Employee Complaint Form (TCSG)

4.4.4. Policy - Performance Management (TCSG)

4.4.4p. Procedure - Performance Management (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Performance Management

4.5. Employee Leave

4.5.1p. Procedure - FMLA (TCSG)

4.5.1p.a1. Attachment - Leave Request Form (TCSG)

4.5.1p.a2. Attachment - Child's Birth-Adoption-Foster Care Form (TCSG)

4.5.1p.a3. Attachment - Cert. of Health Care Provider for Family Member Serious Health (TCSG)

4.5.1p.a4. Attachment - Cert. of Health Care Provider for Employee Serious Health (TCSG)

4.5.1p.a5. Attachment - Cert. Serious Injury for Military Family Leave (TCSG)

4.5.1p.a6. Attachment - Cert. Qualifying Exigency Military Family Leave (TCSG)

4.5.1p.a7. Attachment - Notice of Eligibility-Rights and Responsibilities Form (TCSG)

4.5.1p.a8. Attachment - FMLA Designation Notice (TCSG)

4.5.1p.a9. Attachment - DOL Notice to Employees Rights & Responsibilities - FMLA (TCSG)

4.5.2. Policy - Leave (TCSG)

4.5.2.a1. Attachment - Leave Request Form (TCSG)

4.1.1p1.a2. Attachment - Personnel Action Form (TCSG)

4.5.2p1. Procedure - Miscellaneous Leave (TCSG)

4.5.2p2. Procedure - Leave Donation (TCSG)

4.5.2p2.a1. Attachment - Request to Solicit Leave Donation Form (TCSG)

4.5.2p2.a2. Attachment - Solicitation for Leave Donations Notice Form (TCSG)

4.5.2p2.a3. Attachment - Leave Donation Authorization Form (TCSG)

4.5.2p3. Procedure - Court Leave (TCSG)

4.5.2p4. Procedure - Annual, Sick and Personal Leave (Accrued Leave) (TCSG)

4.5.2p4.a1. Attachment - Selection of Payment Option for Injury or Serious Illness (TCSG)

4.5.2p5. Procedure - Authorized and Contingent Leave of Absence Without Pay (TCSG)

4.5.2p5.a1. Attachment - GTLI Continuation while on Leave without Pay (TCSG)

4.5.2p5.a2. Attachment - Employer's 1st Report Injury/Occupational Disease (WC1) (TCSG)

4.5.2p5.a3. Attachment - Notice of Payment or Suspension of Benefits Form (WC2) (TCSG)

4.5.2p5.a4. Attachment - Request to Continue Health Benefits during Leave w/o Pay (TCSG)

4.5.2p6. Procedure - Military Leave (TCSG)

4.5.2p5.a4. Attachment - Request to Continue Health Benefits during Leave w/o Pay (TCSG)

4.5.2p6.a1. Attachment - Your Rights Under USERRA Notice (TCSG)

4.5.3. Policy - Holidays (TCSG)

4.5.3p. Procedure - Holidays (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Official Holidays

4.6. Employee Medical Program

4.6.1. Policy - Medical and Physical Examination Program (MAPEP) (TCSG)

4.6.1p. Procedure - Medical and Physical Examination Program (TCSG)

4.1.1p1.a5. Attachment - Form MS 10-500-Health Information Checklist (TCSG)

4.1.1p1.a6. Attachment - Form MS 10-56-Medical Findings (TCSG)

4.1.1p1.a7. Attachment - Form MS 51-03 General Information (TCSG)

4.6.1p.a1. Attachment - MAPEP Category for TCSG Jobs (Excel Spreadsheet) (TCSG)

4.6.1p.a2. Attachment - Form MS 10-52- Medical History Report (TCSG)

4.6.1p.a3. Attachment - Form MS 10-55- Memo to Examining Physician (TCSG)

4.6.1p.a4. Attachment - Form MS 10-57- Medical Exam Report to Employing Agency (TCSG)

4.6.1p.a5. Attachment - Specialized Guidelines for Category 5 Jobs (TCSG)

4.6.2p. Procedure - Reasonable Accommodations in Employment (TCSG)

4.6.2p.a1. Attachment - Reasonable Accommodation Request Form (TCSG)

4.6.2p.a2. Attachment - Medical Info Request Letter (TCSG)

4.6.2p.a3. Attachment - Medical Info Request Form (TCSG)

4.6.2p.a4. Attachment - Authorization to Release Info Form (TCSG)

4.6.2p.a5. Attachment - Interactive Disability Accommodation Document (TCSG)

4.6.2p.a6. Attachment - Essential and Marginal Job Function Analysis Worksheet (TCSG)

4.6.2p.a7. Attachment - FAQ-Applicants and Employees (TCSG)

4.6.2p.a8. Attachment - FAQ-Supervisors and Managers (TCSG)

4.6.2p.a9. Attachment - Reasonable Accommodation Review Form (TCSG)

4.7. Employee Travel

4.7.1. Policy - Travel (TCSG)

4.7.2p. Procedure - Driver Qualification Procedure (TCSG)

4.7.2p.a1. Attachment - Driver Acknowledgement Form (TCSG)

4.7.2p.a1. Attachment - Driver Notification Form (TCSG)

4.7.2p.a1. Attachment - Driver Safety Tips (TCSG)

4.7.2p.a1. Attachment - Supervisor's Accident Follow-up Checklist (TCSG)

4.7.2p.a1. Attachment - Driver's History Consent Form (TCSG)

4.8. Drug/Alcohol Free Workplace

4.8.1. Policy - Drug-Free Workplace (TCSG)

4.8.1p1. Procedure - Drug and Alcohol Testing (TCSG)

4.8.1p1.a1. Attachment - Pre-Employment Drug Testing Acknowledgment Statement (TCSG)

4.8.1p1.a2. Attachment - Sample Letter - Pre-Employment Drug Test Notification (TCSG)

4.8.1p1.a3. Attachment - Reasonable Suspicion Drug Incident Form (TCSG)

4.8.1p1.a4. Attachment - Sample Memo - Random Drug Test (TCSG)

4.8.1p1.a5. Attachment - Screening Log - Pre-Employment Drug Test (TCSG)

4.8.1p1.a6. Attachment - Screening Log - Random Drug Test (TCSG)

4.8.1p1.a7. Attachment - Sample Letter - Separation for Refusal of Drug Test (TCSG)

4.8.1p1.a8. Attachment - Sample Letter - Withdraw Employment Offer Based on Drug Test(TCSG)

4.8.1p1.a9. Attachment - Sample Letter - Drug Test Results - Leave w/o Pay (TCSG)

4.8.1p1.a10. Attachment - Sample Letter Separation Based on Positive Drug Test (TCSG)

4.8.1p2. Procedure - Drug Testing: US DOT and FMCSA Regulation Position

4.8.1p2.a1. Attachment - Pre-Employment Controlled Substance Testing Acknowledgement (TCSG)

4.8.1p2.a2. Attachment - Pre-Employment Alcohol & Controlled Substance Test Statement (TCSG)

4.8.1p1.a3. Attachment - Reasonable Suspicion Drug Incident Form (TCSG)

4.8.1p2.a3. Attachment - Release Information Form for Safety Sensitive (CDL) Positions (TCSG)

4.8.1p2.a4. Attachment - Sample Letter - Pre-Employment Controlled Substance Testing (TCSG)

4.8.1p2.a5. Attachment - Reasonable Suspicion Alcohol/Drug Incident Form (TCSG)

4.8.1p2.a6. Attachment - Sample Memo - Random Drug Test Selection (TCSG)

4.8.1p2.a7. Attachment - Screening Log - Pre-Employment Drug & Alcohol Testing (TCSG)

4.8.1p2.a8. Attachment - Screening Log - Random Drug Test (TCSG)

4.8.1p2.a9. Attachment - Screening Log - Random Alcohol Test (TCSG)

4.8.1p2.a10. Attachment - Sample Letter - Alcohol Test Results Unauthorized Leave w/o Pay (TCSG)

4.8.1p2.a11. Attachment - Sample Letter - Separation for Refused Alcohol Test (TCSG)

4.8.1p2.a12. Attachment - Sample Letter - Withdrawal of Employment Offer Based on Substance Test (TCSG)

4.8.1p2.a13. Attachment - Sample Letter - Separation Based on Positive Drug Test (TCSG)

4.8.1p2.a14. Attachment - Screening Log - Reasonable Suspicion Drug (TCSG)

4.8.1p2.a15. Attachment - Screening Log - Reasonable Suspicion Alcohol (TCSG)

4.8.1p2.a16. Attachment - Sample Memo - Random Alcohol Test Selection (TCSG)

4.8.1p2.a17. Attachment - Basic Information - Alcohol & Drugs (TCSG)

4.8.1p2.a18. Attachment - US DOT What Employees Need to Know About Drug & Alcohol Testing (TCSG)

4.8.1p2.a19. Attachment - US DOT Appendix H to Part 40 - Data Collection Form (TCSG)

4.9. Employee Compensation and Related Benefits

4.9.1. Policy - Retirement (TCSG)

4.9.1p. Procedure - Retirement (TCSG)

4.9.2. Policy - Flexible Benefits Program (TCSG)

4.9.3. Policy - Tuition Remission and Reimbursement for Approved Staff Development (TCSG)

4.9.4p. Procedure - Employee Assistance Program (TCSG)

4.9.4p.a1. Attachment - Employee Assistance Management Referral Form (TCSG)

4.9.4p.a2. Attachment - Employee Assistance - EAP Services Scope and Description (TCSG)

4.9.5. Policy - Staff Development (TCSG)

4.9.5p. Procedure - Staff Development (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Staff Development

4.9.6. Policy - Defense and Indemnification (TCSG)

4.9.6p. Procedure - Defense and Indemnification (TCSG)

4.9.7. Policy - Payroll Deductions (TCSG)

4.9.7p. Procedure - Payroll Deductions (TCSG)

4.9.8p. Procedure - Direct Deposit of Pay (TCSG)

4.9.8p.a1. Attachment - Direct Deposit Form-Colleges (TCSG)

4.9.8p.a2. Attachment - Direct Deposit Form-System Office (TCSG)

4.9.8p.a3. Attachment - Direct Deposit Notification Form-Colleges(TCSG)

4.9.8p.a4. Attachment - Direct Deposit Notification Form-System Office (TCSG)

4.9.8p.a5. Attachment - Direct Deposit Exemption Form-Colleges(TCSG)

4.9.8p.a6. Attachment - Direct Deposit Exemption Form-System Office (TCSG)

4.9.9. Policy - Workers' Compensation (TCSG)

4.9.9p. Procedure - Workers' Compensation (TCSG)

4.9.9p.a1. Attachment - DOAS Employee Injury Report Form (TCSG)

4.9.9p.a2. Attachment - DOAS Supervisor's Accident Investigation Form (TCSG)

4.9.9p.a3. Attachment - DOAS Telephonic Reporting Instructions (TCSG)

4.9.9p.a4. Attachment - DOAS Georgia Activity Analysis Form (TCSG)

4.9.9p.a5. Attachment - TCSG Incident Form (TCSG)

4.9.9p.a6. Attachment - Transitional Employment Plan (TCSG)

4.9.9p.a7. Attachment - Job Function Analysis Worksheet (TCSG)

4.9.9p.a8. Attachment - Transitional Employment Tracking Form (TCSG)

4.9.9p.a9. Attachment - DOAS Leave Election Form (TCSG)

4.9.10. Policy - Promotions (TCSG)



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5.1. Administration

5.1.1p. Procedure - Academic Freedom (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Academic Freedom

5.1.2. Policy - General Program and Program Specific Standards (TCSG)

5.1.2.a1. Attachment - General Program Standards (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Class Schedules

OTC Procedure - Credit Hour

OTC Procedure - Work Ethics in the Curriculum

OTC Procedure - Library Materials Selection

OTC Procedure - Proctoring

OTC Procedure - Faculty Role in Governance

OTC Procedure - Student Course Evaluations

OTC Procedure - Posthumous Honorary Associate Degree, Diploma and Certificate

5.1.2p. Procedure - Business Affiliation Agreements (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Uniforms

5.1.2p.a1. Attachment - Healthcare Affiliation Sample Agreement (TCSG)

5.1.2p.a2. Attachment - Childcare Affiliation Sample Agreement (TCSG)

5.1.2p.a3. Attachment - Internship Sample Agreement (TCSG)

5.1.2p.a4. Attachment - Legal Services Letter to Affiliates (TCSG)

5.1.2p.a5. Attachment - Sample Student Acknowledgment for Placement in Childcare Facility (TCSG)

5.1.3. Policy - Technical Advisory Committees (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Advisory Committees

5.1.4. Policy - Service Delivery Areas (TCSG)

5.1.5. Policy - Technical College Calendars (TCSG)

5.1.5.a1. Attachment - Commissioner's College Calendar Parameters (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - College Calendar

5.1.6. Policy - Structure of Associate Degree, Diploma, and Technical Certificate of Credit Programs (TCSG)

5.1.6p. Procedure - Structure of Associate Degree, Diploma, and Technical Certificate of Credit Programs (TCSG)

5.1.7. Policy - Warranty of Degree, Diploma, and Technical Certificate of Credit Graduates (TCSG)

5.1.7p. Procedure - Claim Report (TCSG)

5.1.7p.a1. Attachment - Guarantee of Training to Employer Form (TCSG)

5.1.8. Policy - Articulation and Transfer (TCSG)

5.1.8p. Procedure - Articulation and Transfer (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Advanced Placement

5.1.9. Policy - Program Approval and Termination (TCSG)

5.1.9p. Procedure - Program Approval and Termination (TCSG)

5.1.10. Policy - College Campuses (TCSG)

5.1.10p. Procedure - College Campuses (TCSG)

5.1.10p.a1. Attachment - New Campus Request (TCSG)

5.1.11. Policy - Live Work Projects (TCSG)

5.1.11p. Procedure - Live Work Projects (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Business Office Procedures for Live Work Projects

OTC Procedure - Automotive Technology Live Work Projects

OTC Procedure - Cosmetology/Esthetician Live Work Projects

OTC Procedure - Electrical Systems Technology Live Work Projects

OTC Procedure - Funeral Service Education Live Work Projects

OTC Procedure - Hospitality Live Work Projects

OTC Procedure - Opticianry Live Work Projects

OTC Procedure - Loss of Property

5.2. Non-Credit Programs

5.2.1. Policy - Non-Credit Instruction (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Non-Credit Instruction Training Services

5.2.2. Policy - Quick Start (TCSG)

5.2.3. Policy - Programs for Adult Literacy (TCSG)

5.2.4. Policy - General Education Development (GED) Testing and Diploma (TCSG)



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6.1. Student Equity

2.1.1. Policy - Statement of Equal Opportunity (TCSG)

2.1.1p. Procedure - Statement of Equal Opportunity (TCSG)

2.1.1p.a1. Attachment - EEOC Statement from Commissioner (TCSG)

OTC Statement of Equal Opportunity

6.1.1. Policy - Student Unlawful Harassment (TCSG)

6.1.1p. Procedure - Student Unlawful Harassment (TCSG)

6.1.1p.a1. Attachment - Sources of Counseling, Advocacy Support (TCSG)

6.1.1p.a2. Attachment - TCSG Usage for Statement of Equal Opportunity (TCSG)

6.2. Admissions

6.2.1. Policy - Admissions (TCSG)

6.2.1.a1. Attachment - Accreditation Agencies List (TCSG)

6.2.1p. Procedure - Admissions Requirements (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Learning Support

OTC Procedure - Repetition of Courses for Competitive Admission Programs

OTC Procedure - Readmission to Competitive Admission Programs

OTC Procedure - Student Assessment

6.2.2. Policy - Residency (TCSG)

6.2.2p. Procedure - Residency (TCSG)

6.3. Student Records

6.3.1. Policy - Student Records (TCSG)

6.3.1p1. Procedure - Student Records (TCSG)

6.3.1p2. Procedure - Definition of Directory Information (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Distance Education Student Privacy

6.3.2p. Procedure - Student Record Retention Schedule (TCSG)

6.4. Student Life

6.4.1. Policy - Student Handbooks (TCSG)

6.4.1p. Procedure - Summary of Student Notification Requirements (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Books and Supplies

OTC Procedure - College Catalogs

6.4.2. Policy - Student Housing (TCSG)

6.4.2p. Procedure - Residence Hall Room Entry and Search Policy (TCSG)

6.4.3. Policy - National Emergencies (TCSG)

6.4.3p. Procedure - National Emergencies (TCSG)

6.5. Student Academics

6.5.1. Policy - Academic Standards, Evaluations, and Appeals (TCSG)

6.5.1p. Procedure - Academic Standards, Evaluations, and Appeals (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Academic Standards, Evaluations, and Appeals

6.5.2. Policy - Student Grade Point Average (TCSG)

6.5.2p. Procedure - Student Grade Point Average (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Grading System

6.5.3p. Procedure - Student Grievance (TCSG)

6.6. Student Finances

6.6.1. Policy - Student Tuition and Fees (TCSG)

6.6.1p. Procedure - Student Tuition and Fees (TCSG)

6.6.1p.a1. Attachment - Reciprocity Agreement with Alabama (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Student Tuition and Fees

6.6.2. Policy - Student Activity Fund (TCSG)

6.6.2p. Procedure - Student Activity Fund (TCSG)

6.6.3p. Procedure - Student Organization/Club Accounts (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Fundraising Request

6.6.4. Policy - Satisfactory Academic Progress (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements for Financial Aid

OTC Procedure - Attendance

6.7. Student Conduct

6.7.1. Policy - Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (TCSG)

6.7.1.a1. Attachment - Checklist for Drug Prevention Compliance (TCSG)

6.7.2p1. Procedure - Student Disciplinary (TCSG)

6.7.2p1.a1. Attachment - Student Conduct Complaint Form (TCSG)

6.7.2p1.a2. Attachment - Disciplinary Sanction Appeal Form (TCSG)

6.7.2p2. Procedure - Model Student Conduct Codes (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Student Dress Code

6.8. Student Activities

6.8.1. Policy - Field Trips (TCSG)

6.8.1p. Procedure - Field Trips (TCSG)

6.8.1p.a1. Attachment - Assumption of Risk -Release of Liability Agreement Form (TCSG)

OTC Procedure - Field Trips

OTC Assumption of Risk, Code of Conduct, Release of Liability, Limited Medical Authorization, and Conditions of Participation Form Exhibit

OTC Field Trip Notification Form Exhibit

OTC Field Trip Request Form Exhibit

6.8.2. Policy - Student Accident Insurance (TCSG)

6.8.3. Policy - Student Athletics (TCSG)

6.8.3p. Procedure - Student Athletics (TCSG)