Law Enforcement Academy Conducts Training
Ogeechee Technical College

The Ogeechee Technical College Law Enforcement Academy (LEA) recently graduated its newest class of POST Certified Firearms Instructors at the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office Range Complex in Savannah, GA.

The intense two-week course began with instructor candidates on the firing range, where students were required to obtain a score of 90% or better on the Georgia Standardized Qualification Course in order to continue in the class. Candidates were not allowed warm-ups or a second attempt. “This is not an easy course. Last year, we had thirteen instructor candidates there on the first morning. After we ran the pre-admission qualification course, there were only two instructor candidates remaining,” said OTC LEA Director Jim Mitchell.

Subsequent to demonstrating the skills necessary for admission to the class, the instructor candidates received instruction on firearms instructor liability and use of force liability, adult learning, equipment selection, shooting fundamentals and target analysis, on-line instructional techniques, firearms and range maintenance, tactical shooting and course design, course of fire planning, testing, and evaluation, as well as instruction on training officers of differing attributes.

Instructor candidates were initially divided into coach-student teams with which to practice their instructional skills. Later, the candidates, under the observation of senior firearms instructors, were provided with live students to train and required to develop and administer a tactical shooting course that incorporated a broad spectrum of training points as set forth by agency policy, training guidelines, and current case law. Throughout the course, the candidates were observed and evaluated by veteran firearms instructors. According to Mitchell, the firearms instructor course is among the most challenging courses in law enforcement. In order to attend the course, officers must already have completed the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council General Instructor Course.

Mitchell said, “Most agencies generally send their best officers to the general instructor course, and that course usually experiences a 50% or greater attrition rate.  These officers have survived that cut and have now moved into another instructor course that often has at least 40% attrition. That’s a pretty awesome achievement!”

The Law Enforcement Academy at Ogeechee Tech conducts the Peace Officer Standards and Training Council Firearms Instructor Course at least once a year.


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