Evans County Student is Ready to Move
Ogeechee Technical College

Music, a red carpet, and smiles on the faces of excited Ogeechee Technical College faculty and staff greeted students from area high schools last week as they stepped off buses and entered the College’s Natural Resources Building. Among those students was Blake Stroud, a 17 year old senior at Claxton High School. Stroud has aspirations to become an athletic trainer and thanks to the Move On When Ready program, he is already laying the foundation for that plan.

Move On When Ready (MOWR) is a dual enrollment program that allows qualified 9th-12th grade students to simultaneously earn high school and college credit by attending and passing approved college courses.  There is no tuition or non-related costs to the student and textbooks are provided by the College. The program, administered by the Georgia Student Finance Commission, is funded through state appropriations.

Blake feels that Move On When Ready is a great opportunity for high school students. He said that free college helps save his family money and is something that will greatly benefit him in the future.  His dad, Mark Stroud, who is the Assistant Principal and Athletic Director at Claxton High School, said, “As an educator, I’m excited for Claxton High School to be affiliated with Ogeechee Tech. Move On When Ready will give our students an opportunity to receive college credit while still in high school.  As a parent, I’m excited because when my son graduates, he’ll have six semesters of college complete at no expense to me. Claxton High is a small school, so acclimating to Ogeechee Tech is easier than it might be at a much larger, four-year school. OTC has such a welcoming environment and our students don’t feel like just a number.” Stroud says around 25% of their senior population is participating in Move On When Ready.

Claxton High School Counselor, Courtney Tinsley, said, “The ease of transition of this program is amazing and Nadia Vining, Ogeechee Technical College’s High School Coordinator, is so accommodating."

Claxton High School Principal, Todd Veland, said, “I believe Move On When Ready is a great thing for Claxton High School students.  I believe it gives students who are ready for the extra rigor and academic excellence expected in college course work to challenge themselves and earn college credit at the same time.  It is a WIN WIN as we would say.  Go Tigers!”

Marty Waters, Evans County Interim Superintendent said, “Move On When Ready is a wonderful collaborative opportunity for districts to expand course offerings and advance student learning.  I’m glad to see that Evans County Schools has developed these partnerships and look forward to building on these in the future. “

For more information about the Move On When Ready program at Ogeechee Tech, call 912.871.8522 or email MOWR@ogeecheetech.edu.


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