Law Enforcement Academy to hold Krav Maga Worldwide Instructor Course
Ogeechee Technical College

The Ogeechee Technical College Law Enforcement Academy (OTC LEA), is pleased to announce that, in partnership with Krav Maga Worldwide, the OTC LEA will be hosting a Krav Maga Law Enforcement Instructor Course, Series 1-6, in 2017 at the Hagan Technical Education Complex in Hagan, GA.

The intense, 56 hour, Instructor Course provides Instructor Candidates with training in combatives, self defense, handgun and long gun disarms & retention, defenses against edged weapon threat and attack, arrest and control (searching, handcuffing, arm controls, takedowns & team tactics), defense against attacks with blunt weapons, ground fighting for law enforcement applications, and third party protection. 

The OTC LEA has been teaching Krav Maga as its primary Defensive Tactics platform since 2009, when Captain Todd Mashburn of the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office developed the program for the LEA as a compliment to existing defensive tactics curriculum.

The OTC LEA is one of only two venues in the State of Georgia to host the Krav Maga World Wide Law Enforcement Instructor Course, and the only one to hold Series 1-6 in its entirety.  

“We’re hoping for a good turnout”, said Jim Mitchell, Director of the OTC LEA, “Krav (Maga) is an excellent defensive tactics platform, and, frankly, defensive tactics is an area in which many officers and agencies in the State could use more training.” 

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