Hand Participates in Georgia Master Teacher Experience
Ogeechee Technical College

Terry Hand, Computer Information Systems instructor, recently represented Ogeechee Technical College as technical college instructors from throughout Georgia gathered for the 4th annual Georgia Master Teacher Experience. The event, held in Thomasville at Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC), is designed to bring together teachers from the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) for an intensive week of focus on instructional innovations, motivational techniques, situational problem-solving, contextual learning, and information exchange. The concept of a seminar designed expressly for teachers originated in 1962 by Roger Garrison at Westbrook College in Portland, Maine. Since that time, the concept has become a national movement with programs in numerous states across the nation and around the world.  The Georgia Master Teacher event is designed as an experiential learning event developed by teachers for teachers.

Teachers from the Technical College System with expertise in various disciplines gathered for an exchange of learning, teaching, and philosophy. Participants shared experiences, strategies, and instructional methods in the quests of improving teaching. The focus of discussion and activities for the week is on innovations and challenges of instruction in technical college education. The mission of the Georgia Master Teacher Experience is to improve instruction by revitalizing faculty through interdisciplinary collaboration.

The Director of the Georgia Master Teacher Experience, Claudia Grooms, RN, MSN, explains, “The strength of this experience is in the support that each teacher receives from the other teachers that have gathered from throughout the state. The week-long exchange of ideas and collaboration develops a network of support and encouragement that can be taken back to individual colleges to improve teaching and learning. Seeing the excitement for teaching return in an instructor who has become weary, or watching an instructor as they realize their worth is an experience that cannot be matched.  We are privileged to offer and host the Georgia Master Teacher Experience and are proud to have completed our fourth year.”

The Georgia Master Teacher Experience culminates with a Celebration Event where participants are recognized for their contributions to innovative teaching.  In addition to their peers, participants were recognized by the Director, Claudia Grooms, Dr. Craig Wentworth, SRTC President, Benita Moore, TCSG Curriculum Specialist, Dr. Kathryn Hornsby, TCSG Assistant Commissioner, and Matt Arthur, TCSG Deputy Commissioner.


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