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Ogeechee Technical College

The Lucas-Nülle equipment is state of the art and enables us to prepare our students for a wide range of industrial applications,” says a delighted Norm Threatt, Technical Trainer for Electrical Systems at Ogeechee Technical College in Georgia. “Our students’ skill levels have improved greatly thanks to the new laboratory, making them better prepared for the labour market.” In cooperation with Lucas-Nülle, the technical college has installed training systems for robotics, CNC machines and material flow systems. In this way, Ogeechee has responded to requests from its industrial partners, who had found an increased need for training workers in the area of automation technology.

Dr Ryan Foley, the technical college’s Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, gives the following explanation: “If an important component of a system develops a fault or stops working, the entire production operation can come to a tandstill. At times like this, whoever can put this machine back into operation ecomes the most important person in the whole company.” In order to respond to the requests from industrial partners, the Ogeechee team drew up a precise set of requirements and used them to scan the entire market. At the end of the process, the decision went in favour of Lucas-Nülle.

“LN was a very reliable partner throughout he entire project duration. The training on the machines carried out by Lucas-Nülle engineer Daniel Steinert was very helpful. And the good level of support continues to this day,” says Threatt, praising the project. “We are really thrilled about how the Lucas-Nülle systems have enhanced our laboratory.”


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