Dental Assisting Students Enjoy Field Trip
Ogeechee Technical College
    Dental Assisting Students on Field Trip

Students from Ogeechee Technical College’s Dental Assisting program recently traveled to Southeastern Technical College (STC) for a joint seminar.  Ogeechee Tech students joined STC’s Dental Hygiene students for a presentation by Mary Ann Rupertus, a professional educator for Dentsply Sirona, a dental solutions company. Ruperts detailed the use of digital technology in dental radiographs.  After the presentation, the students had the opportunity to engage in hands-on training.  Yvonne Jenkins, OTC Dental Assisting Program Director, said, “This presentation is the perfect complement to what the students have been studying in Dental Radiology.”  The students learned to take radiographs using both film and digital technology. Jenkins said although some offices still use film, there has been a dramatic increase in the use of digital sensors.  She further explained that more than 80% of dental offices now utilize digital technology rather than film when taking radiographs. 


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