Georgia Southern University IT Technicians Achieve CompTIA Certifications
Ogeechee Technical College

After three months of certification preparation training, taught by Ogeechee Technical College (OTC) instructor, Terry Hand, 18 computer/IT technicians from Georgia Southern University (GSU) earned their industry standard CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certificates. Hand explained that CompTIA is the leading provider of information technology (IT) certifications in the world.   

The Computer Networking program at Ogeechee Technical College specializes in hands-on training and certification preparation, helping staff and/or students from OTC and Georgia Southern University get the training and certifications they need to be successful in today’s highly competitive workforce. “Certifications today are used as a true indicator of a potential employee’s knowledge and skill-level,” said Hand. “In many cases, companies state that a CompTIA certification is mandatory before accepting an application.”

Currently, Ogeechee Tech and GSU are working on multiple collaborative projects, including a new internship class, which will help place OTC networking students at GSU for training and experiential learning, and certification preparation classes at OTC for students and staff from GSU.  

“It’s all about helping students acquire the knowledge and skills to find employment and be successful in their future career,” states Hand.  Ogeechee Technical College and Georgia Southern University are working on combining the quality and specializations of both schools to help students achieve a higher level of success.  Ogeechee Tech plans to continue to offer hands-on certification training in basic computer hardware/software support and computer networking. 


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