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DegreeWorks – Student Degree Audit Software:

Degree Works is a Web-based tool to help students and advisors monitor a student's progress toward degree completion. DegreeWorks combines Ogeechee Technical College’s technical certificate, diploma and/or degree requirements and the coursework you have completed into an easy-to-read worksheet that helps you see how courses that you have completed count toward degree requirements, and that helps you see what courses and requirements you still need to complete. All current students may meet with their advisor and request that an audit be ran to determine degree requirement progression.

Benefits of DegreeWorks:

  • Supports real time delivery of degree completion information through intuitive web self-service interfaces.

  • Online environment reduces paperwork and manual degree checklists.

  • Increases productivity between academic departments across campus.

  • Allowances can be reported before time for your program completion.

Application Features:

Substitutions or Advisor Notes - enables advisors to easily document who the student met with and when, what advice was given.

What If - shows students how progress towards degree completion changes if they add a minor or change majors. 

Helpful Information:

OTC DegreeWorks FAQ

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