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Statesboro Mayor Jan Moore (seated left) and Ogeechee Technical College President, Dr. Dawn Cartee (seated right) prepare to sign the agreement establishing a partnership between the City and Ogeechee Tech to provide a Firefighter I program.  City Fire Commander Tim Grams (standing left) and City Public Safety Director Wendell Turner (standing right) look on.

Ogeechee Technical College and the City of Statesboro recently entered into an agreement which will facilitate a Firefighter I program to train those seeking to enter fire service.  Offered as a credit program through Ogeechee Technical College, the program is a collaboration which will serve the needs of both the College and City.  “This program will mutually benefit both entities because students completing the program will receive academic credit from Ogeechee Tech with a cost savings for the City, and the College will be able to utilize specialized equipment and facilities which are already in existence at the Statesboro Fire Department without having to purchase the same items for use in training through the College,” stated Ogeechee Technical College president, Dr. Dawn Cartee. 

“This is a great example of two governmental agencies working together in an efficient manner to save taxpayers’ money,” stated Cartee.  City of Statesboro mayor, Jan Moore, said that because the collaboration with Ogeechee Technical College allows students to earn college credit while completing the training needed to serve as a firefighter, graduates can grow professionally.  “Not only will the students learn the practical skills needed to function as a firefighter, but they will earn college credit which may allow them to expand their professional resumes and possibly go on to earn additional credentials later, and equally as important to the City, there will be thousands of dollars in savings because of the financial aid the new firefighters may receive,” said Moore.

In addition to Firefighter I, Ogeechee Tech offers a number of different public safety related programs.  Emergency medical, law enforcement, forensic science, and criminal justice programs provide a wide array of opportunities for those interested in entering the public safety field.  Many of the area’s public safety workers are trained at Ogeechee Tech, stated Dr. Charlene Lamar, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs for the College.  “Quite a few of the emergency responders in Statesboro, Bulloch County, and surrounding areas received their education at Ogeechee Technical College.  Our graduates make an impact on the safety of our citizens on a daily basis,” said Lamar.  Just as firefighter students can receive financial aid for their education, the same applies to law enforcement students receiving training and certification through Ogeechee Tech’s Regional Law Enforcement Academy.  “Any governmental agency can save the cost of training public safety workers by utilizing the programs offered at Ogeechee Technical College,” said Cartee.  “The programs at the College are recognized for providing professional training, and affordable tuition with various financial aid options,” concluded Cartee.

The Firefighter I classes will include some students who are slated to work for the City of Statesboro Fire Department, while others will be employed or volunteering with other fire service agencies.  Those interested in any public safety program at Ogeechee Tech may call (912) 681-5500 or visit www.ogeecheetech.edu.  



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