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Ty White
Counseling & Retention Coordinator

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      Counseling can often provide relief from both the short term and long term problems which diminish a person's quality of life. At Ogeechee Technical College, we value each of our students and we understand the importance of a healthy mental balance, as it plays a large factor in what we are able to accomplish in life. 

      As the Counseling and Retention Coordinator, my goal is to assist students in recognizing their potential and overcome any obstacles that are preventing them from succeeding. I believe that life can get a little bumpy at times, but with a helping hand, we can find our way.

      Services offered are individual counseling, group counseling, workshops or class presentations. Visit Ms.Ty today!


      Withdrawal Survey

      If you have recently withdrawn from a class at Ogeechee Technical College follow the link below to complete the online withdrawal survey:
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      Survey password:  otc19


      Counselor Satisfaction Survey

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      Career & Counseling Services

      These services are available to support students in their efforts to achieve maximum success in school, in the workforce and in life. The Center offers career and personal counseling.

      Trained counselors are available to personally assist you:

      • evaluate your interests
      • complete career assessment tools
      • develop successful academic goals
      • deal with social and personal problems
      • be aware of community agencies and resources

      Our counselors are available daily and are an integral part of assisting the student with obtaining his/her educational and career goals.

      Career Counseling

      Career Counseling is available for those individuals who would like to explore various program opportunities offered at Ogeechee Technical College. Our counselors will administer a career assessment and discuss the measurement in detail with the individual. Availability of jobs, pay rate, etc. will also be explored. The Counselor will present information that will be helpful in assisting the individual choose a career path that is specific to his/her interests and aptitudes.

      Personal Counseling

      Personal Counseling is available to those students who need short-term counseling to deal with personal, family, social, and educational concerns. Individual counseling sessions will last up to 50 minutes. On occasion a student may have needs that are beyond what the counselors can offer. Counselors will refer the student to an outside agency when deemed necessary. Counseling will be done in a confidential manner. Faculty members may refer a student to a counselor using the First Alert Referral Form.

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      CareerScope®- Career Assessment
      Measures both aptitude and interest in a completely user-friendly environment. CareerScope® takes career and educational planning to a new level. The results are instrumental in helping an individual begin the career or educational planning process.


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      Ty white, lpc

Counseling & Retention Coordinator

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      Office 622, Joseph E. Kennedy Annex | 
Phone: 912.486.7811

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