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Programs of Study within the Marketing Program

Marketing AAS Degree

Marketing Diploma

Entrepreneurship Certificate

Logistics Specialist Certificate

Marketing Specialist Certificate

Small Business Marketing Manager Certificate


Program Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Marketing program is to prepare students with the managerial, marketing, and financial skills necessary to fulfill the needs of the service area and to successfully integrate into the business community.


Program Goals


  1. Provide education which acknowledges individual differences and respects the right of individuals to seek fulfillment of educational needs.  
  2. Provide an environment which encourages the individual to benefit and contribute as a partner in the economic progress, development, and stability of the community.
  3. Provide education which develops the potential of each student to become a productive, responsible, and upwardly mobile member of society.
  4. Provide quality marketing management education in an atmosphere that fosters interest in and enthusiasm for learning.
  5. Prepare graduates to function as accountable and responsible members within their field of endeavor.
  6. Prepare graduates to function as ethical and competent practitioners in the marketing field.
  7. Prepare program graduates with the highest level of competence possible given the constraints of the interest and ability levels of the individual.
  8. Provide educational and related services without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, handicapping condition, academic disadvantage, or economic disadvantage.
  9. Foster employer participation, understanding, and confidence in the instructional process and the competence of Marketing program graduates.

Gainful Employment Disclosures: 

Marketing Diploma

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