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  1. Be Organized
    • Use appointment calendars for everything.
    • Make a “to-do” list for the week and check off what you have completed.
    • Keep your study area just for studying and get rid of distractions.
  2. Plan Ahead
    • Plan out for the quarter. If you know something is due block it out on your calendar.
    • Plan time for leisure and recreation. Sometimes this gets left out, but can be extremely important to prevent burnout.
    • Set goals and plan on how to reach these goals.
    • Set time for your family.
  3. Prioritize Tasks
    • Determine what your top priorities are. Use a system that works best for you in identifying what your top priorities are.  
    • An A-B-C system on your “to-do” list with A being the highest priorities is one system that works.
  4. Avoid Procrastination
    • Whenever you get an assignment or know when your tests will be, assign a date to it and start planning on what you need to do to be prepared.
    • To keep stress at a minimum, start early to finish a task. Do not wait until the night before to finish a project or to start “cramming” for a test.
  5. Be Flexible
    • Unexpected things tend to happen. Be flexible enough to rearrange your schedule if needed.
    • Ask for help.

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