Woods Named Adjunct Instructor of the Year
Ogeechee Technical College

Brittny Woods, an adjunct Music Appreciation instructor, was recently named the 2018 Adjunct Instructor of the Year at Ogeechee Technical College. This award recognizes an outstanding part-time instructor who has made significant contributions to the College through teaching, service, and leadership in their field.  

Woods, also the Choral Director for Oglethorpe Charter School in Savannah, said, “I chose to join Ogeechee Tech because I wanted to have a teaching experience in which I could interact with adults and explore music at a more in-depth level of understanding. Having the change of pace and opportunity to work with adults has been rewarding to say the least. Teaching at Ogeechee Tech has enabled me to appreciate the breadth of knowledge and skill that comes with attending a technical college. I appreciate how the technical college readily prepares students for the careers they seek.” Woods continued, “I have witnessed the direct correlation between the preparation OTC provides and the endless job opportunities available to these students. They are well-prepared with the skills needed to be successful in the career of their choice. I have had the pleasure of teaching some of the hardest working students in this area. They come to my class after work and sometimes before they are scheduled to go into work. These students are balancing careers, school, and family. This is not an easy task, yet the discipline demonstrated by these students reflects their commitment. Their hard work reflects the values upheld by Ogeechee Technical College. These attributes remind me of why I became a teacher and each semester I look forward to teaching a new group of students who are working toward their goals.”

Congratulations, Brittny! 


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