Ogeechee Tech Mourns Loss of Mascot
Ogeechee Technical College

Ogeechee Technical College (OTC) faculty, staff, and students were saddened to learn of the loss of their mascot and friend, Perdie, who died this week at age 14. Perdie, a beloved Dalmatian mix best known for her smile and sweet nature, served not only as a representative of the College, but also was an active part of the College’s Veterinary Technology program. Vice President for College Advancement, Barry Turner, said, “Perdie was the best member of the OTC public relations team. She was always a real trooper when it came to visiting with members of the public, and drawing positive attention to the College. We will miss her.“ Perdie traveled near and far representing Ogeechee Tech at various functions. She was always patient and well behaved, even when having to stand in place allowing hundreds of people to pet her, have their picture made with her, and just generally being the center of attention, according to Turner.  Perdie showed her teeth to people, not in a menacing way, but as a trademark smile that drew people to her.

An outpouring of condolences and memories were posted on the Facebook page of Perdie’s owner, Billie Walker, a Veterinary Technology instructor at the College. Billie said, “She lived a long and happy life serving the veterinary technician profession with that beautiful smile on her face.” Perdie was a rescue dog, but according to Turner, she hit the jackpot with Billie as her owner, and Ogeechee Tech as a venue for being the object of tons of affection.

OTC President Lori Durden said, “We are so sad to lose our favorite mascot, Perdie. She was so special and will be greatly missed.” Countless Ogeechee Tech students, employees, and visitors will have fond memories of Perdie for many years. “The Ogeechee Tech family extends our sympathy to Billie and her family as they must say goodbye to their sweet Perdie,” said Durden.  


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