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Meet the Faculty

Terry Briley,

Criminal Justice Programs Instructor 

Office: Rm 1223
Natural Resources Bldg.

Terry L. Briley is the Program Coordinator for the Criminal Justice Programs at Ogeechee Technical College.  He has been a certified law enforcement officer for 26 years.  Mr. Briley has held various assignments throughout his law enforcement career to include Patrol, Traffic, Internal Affairs and Criminal Investigations.  Mr. Briley has an Associates Degree in Public Service, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Justice Administration and a Master of Science Degree in Justice Administration.  Mr. Briley served 13 years in the United States Air Force Security Forces and as a Military Training Instructor.



Programs of Study

Criminal Justice Technology AAS Degree*
Criminal Justice Technology Diploma*
Crime Scene Fundamentals Certificate

Criminal Justice Specialist Certificate


Criminal Justice Fundamentals Certificate
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Selected Topics in Criminal Justice

*Denotes Title IV eligible program (PELL).


Program Purpose Statement

The Criminal Justice Technology programs are a sequence of courses that prepare students for Criminal Justice professions. Learning opportunities develop academic, occupational, and professional knowledge and skills required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement. The program emphasizes a combination of Criminal Justice theory and practical application necessary for successful employment. Graduates who are current practitioners will benefit through enhancement of career potential. Entry-level persons will be prepared to pursue diverse opportunities in the corrections, security, investigative, and police administration fields.


Program Courses

CRJU1010 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJU1021 - Private Security
CRJU1030 - Corrections
CRJU1040 - Principles of Law Enforcement
CRJU1043 - Probation and Parole
CRJU1050 - Police Patrol Operations
CRJU1052 - Criminal Justice Administration
CRJU1062 - Methods of Criminal Investigation
CRJU1063 - Crime Scene Processing
CRJU1065 - Community Oriented Policing


CRJU1068 - Criminal Law
CRJU1400 - Ethics and Cultural Perspectives
CRJU2020 - Constitutional Law
CRJU2050 - Criminal Procedure
CRJU2070 - Juvenile Justice
CRJU2090 - Criminal Justice Practicum
CRJU2100 - Criminal Justice Externship
CRJU2110 - Homeland Security
CRJU2201 - Criminal Courts


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find employment with a Criminal Justice Degree, Diploma, or Technical Certificate of Credit (TCC)?

A: In terms of the job market, the primary employer will be criminal justice agencies. The Criminal Justice Technology program prepares you to work for a police department, corrections facility, probation offices, etc. Some police departments may hire civilians in various roles, while many others may also want you to be a police officer. Some agencies will require that you have street experience as an officer before you can move into specialty areas (like investigations or forensics). Criminal Justice agencies are all different. If you are interested in a particular department or agency, I would suggest giving them a call or visit their web site to see what they may require. Students who plan to pursue careers in corrections, courts, and juvenile justice may also benefit from the Forensic Science programs.

There are also emerging fields in criminal justice or that are criminal justice related. Some examples of positions in which a criminal justice education may be necessary or helpful: Paralegal or Legal Assistant, Legal Secretary, Court Reporter, Loss Prevention, Data Analyst (crime data), Background Investigator, Court Liaison, and Private Investigator/Surveillance Investigator, and many others (Source:

Please note that no one convicted of a felony can be certified as a police officer (and most other criminal justice positions) in the State of Georgia. A significant number of misdemeanor convictions may also negatively impact employment potential.

Q: I have a job. How flexible are the courses?

A: Every semester there are courses offered online, in the classroom at varying times, as well as hybrid courses. Hybrid courses allow the student to have some interaction with the instructor with a reduced number of meetings per week. Of course, a student taking online courses needs to have self-discipline and time management skills in order to stay on track and be successful.

Q: Can I double major in Criminal Justice and Wildlife Management

A: At this time we are not able to offer a double major in Criminal Justice and Wildlife Management. Because of the rotation of courses in the Wildlife Management program it would be not be possible to take Criminal Justice courses simultaneously. However, if you are interested in Wildlife Law Enforcement it certainly would be beneficial to have some combination of degree and/or diploma level courses in order to be more attractive to employers.