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Disability services are available for those individuals who have a disability as defined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


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Accommodations and Services Provided:

Private testing area
Extended time for testing
Test read aloud
Text books in alternate formats
Interpreters for the hearing impaired
Amplified hearing devices for hearing impaired
Tutoring services
Additional services available upon request as needed

How to receive disabilities services:


A student may request assistance for Disabilities Counseling Services with the Disabilities Counselor by coming to the Counseling Office to schedule an appointment, by calling to schedule an appointment or by sending an email to schedule an appointment.

Faculty Referral

A Faculty Member may refer a student by completing the First-Alert Form and forwarding it to the Disabilities Counselor. The Disabilities Counselor will contact the student to schedule an appointment.

Disability Resources Manual

Community/Social Services Referral

An organization such as Easter Seals, Vocational Rehabilitation, or Walton Rehabilitation may request that a current student or potential student set up an appointment by coming to the Disability Services office, by sending an email or calling.

Student Responsibilities:

In order to obtain disabilities services a student with a disability must:

  • Meet all admission's requirements to be admitted to Ogeechee Technical College.
  • Meet all the requirements to be admitted in the Program of Study of your choice.
  • Notify the Disabilities Services Coordinator and provide the appropriate documentation in order to receive these accommodations.
  • Pay all fees associated with obtaining the appropriate documentation needed for your disability.
  • Request classroom accommodations each and every semester. Accommodations are not retroactive.
  • Must adhere to the Institutional Code of Conduct.

*Please Note:

  • Faculty Accommodation Notification Letters will be emailed to your OTC email address. The letter needs to be signed by you & your instructors and brought back to the Disabilities Services Coordinator.
  • Students must discuss arrangements for each accommodation with their instructors in advance of the need to use such accommodations.
  • Accommodations go “into effect” only after the Accommodation Notification letter has been signed & the accommodations have been discussed with the instructor.
  • Ogeechee Technical College reserves the right to recommend that you change your Program of Study after an extensive evaluation or staffing with the Program Chair, Instructor,  Program Dean, Disabilities Coordinator, VP of Academic Affairs, and or President.    

Contact Information

Sabrina Burns

Disabilities and Special Populations Coordinator

One Joseph E. Kennedy Blvd. | Statesboro, Georgia 30458
Office 189, Joseph E. Kennedy Building | Phone: 912.486.7211
Email: sburns@ogeecheetech.edu


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