Career Opportunities and Community Connections

Posted on Aug 19, 2021 at 18:46 PM

Fred Hill Sharing at Student Success Student Success Attendees Ogeechee Technical College’s Adult Education Program continued its Student Success Speaker Series into the new school year with, “Career Opportunities and Community Connections”. 

Current and future students housed at Bulloch and Screven County Correctional facilities heard from Fred Hill, Human Resource Manager at The Sack Company, and Latasha Hawkins, Adult/Dislocated Career Development Specialist at WorkSource Coastal, as they shared opportunities that they can take advantage of while incarcerated and upon release.

“How many of you have a background in construction?” was the first question asked by Hill.  Over 40% of the audience raised their hands.  Hill shared with the listeners that there are many companies like The SACK Company who believe in second chances, and for those who are willing to work hard and commit to learning and growing with the company, “SACK will take care of you and help you grow,” he said.  He explained how he personally provides leadership training through The SACK Company, helping employees increase their skills and advance within the company.  He also made clear the changes that will be required to have a positive future and ensure that they don’t return to corrections.   

Hawkins, an employee at WorkSource Coastal representing Screven County, addressed the additional services that can be provided for those who are currently incarcerated.  WorkSource Coastal and the Adult Education Program are community partners committed to servicing students with resources, educational and financial support for those who qualify. 

Hawkins asked the audience if they knew the “5 P’s.”  Immediately an audience member called out, “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.”  “Exactly right,” she said. “I’m here today to help you guys get prepared for your next opportunities.”

Hawkins shared the importance of preparation and how she will work closely with Dean Smith and the Adult Education Program to provide resume, soft skills and career development workshops inside of the facility.  

After the Q&A session, Warden Scroggins of the Screven County Correctional facility addressed the audience. “We appreciate these sessions and the motivational talks, but today’s session was different.  These are actual opportunities that you guys can take advantage of now and that we can set you up to connect with when you leave,” he said.  “These are the types of resources and people that will help keep you from coming back here once you leave, and that’s the goal.”

For more information about the Student Success Speaker Series and Ogeechee Technical College’s Adult Education Program, contact Samantha N. Smith, Dean of Adult Education at 912-871-4779.

Written By Samantha Smith

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