Ogeechee Tech Financial Aid

Tuition & Fees

 Degree, Diploma, & Certificate Programs

Credit Hours Tuition* Fees Total
1 $100 $385 $485
2 $200 $385 $585
3 $300 $385 $685
4 $400 $385 $785
5 $500 $385 $885
6 $600 $385 $985
7 $700 $385 $1,085
8 $800 $385 $1,185
9 $900 $385 $1,285
10 $1,000 $385 $1,385
11 $1,100 $385 $1,485
12 (full-time) $1,200 $385 $1,585
13 $1,300 $385 $1,685
14 $1,400 $385 $1,785
15+ $1,500 $385 $1,885

Supply Fees

Although the $385 in fees is required of every credit student each semester, the tuition may vary by program and additional student and course supply fees may also apply for specific programs. Technical certificates have a tuition rate of $100 per credit hour with the following exceptions:

  • Commercial Truck Driving: $132 per credit hour (standardized rate state-wide)

Other Student Fees     

Application (one-time fee) $25 ID Badge Replacement $5
Late Fee Registration $45 Diploma Replacement $25
Re-Admission $25 Transcript $7.50
Graduation $40 Return Check $30
Exemption 25% of tuition Program Change $15
Retest $15    

All tuition and fees must be paid prior to attending classes at OTC. Fees are not covered by HOPE.

* The fees for an out-of-state student are the same as they are for an in-state student. However, the tuition is doubled for an out-of-state student and quadrupled for a non-citizen student. Out-of-state and non-citizen students can apply for a Tuition Waiver if there is a demonstrated financial need.

Residents of Georgia who are 62 years of age or older and who are otherwise qualified may attend Ogeechee Technical College without payment of tuition on a space-available basis. This policy applies to regular and institutional credit courses only. It does not apply to continuing education courses, non-credit courses, or seminars. Proof of age must be presented at registration. The tuition waiver application can be found here.

Proctoring Fees

In order to comply with accreditation requirements for the validation of student identity for all online courses, all students enrolled in online courses at Ogeechee Technical College are required to have a proctored event (a major exam or assignment). Students who live more than 75 miles from the main campus may request approval for an off-site proctor. Students may complete the proctored event at any TCSG college at no cost to the student. A list of TCSG test proctoring sites and contacts may be found by clicking HERE. Students will be responsible for any fees associated with off-site proctors.

Adult Education students attending the adult basic education programs shall not be charged tuition nor be required to purchase any books or other materials that are needed for participation in the program. GED testing fees, however, must be covered by the student. The fee, in Georgia, for the GED® test is $40 for each sub-test or $160 for the entire battery of tests. Scholarships may be available to eligible students who are enrolled in a GED® program and meet minimum requirements.

Note: All requests for waivers of tuition and/or fees are to be submitted to the President.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please stop by the Business Office located on the main campus in Statesboro, GA. Or contact the Cashier at 912.871.1643 or by email at businessoffice@ogeecheetech.edu.