Strickland Promise

Ogeechee Technical College is excited to announce the launch of The Strickland Promise

The Strickland Promise was established by the George W. Strickland, Jr. Foundation in support of Ogeechee Technical College's efforts in recruiting, retaining, and enrollment of graduating high school seniors from Evans County.By establishing The Strickland Promise, the Board of Directors for the George W. Strickland, Jr. Foundation will be providing scholarships for qualified Evans County graduating seniors and give access to furthering higher education by offsetting costs remaining after all Federal & State and any other financial awards are applied to tuition.

So what is the Strickland Promise?

In simplest terms - it's an opportunity for all graduating seniors from Evans County to have their tuition paid in full for up to 5 semesters at Ogeechee Technical College.

  • Scholarship is applied after all Federal & State and other financial awards are applied (must complete FAFSA).
  • Books, program specific fees, and other costs are not included.

What are the Qualifications?

  • Student must have an Evans County residency.
  • Student must have graduated from Claxton High School, Pinewood Christian Academy, or an accredited home school no earlier than Spring 2024.
  • Student must enroll at OTC within 2 semesters of high school graduation.
  • Students must enroll in full-time (12+ hours) coursework each term to retain eligibility and maintain good academic standing with OTC.

How do I apply?

Click Here for the Strickland Promise Scholarship Application

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