Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance & Lending Library Application ButtonThe Lending Library and Student Support Program allows students to apply for textbook loans and financial assistance for tuition, fees, and emergent issues, such as limited transportation funds. If you need emergency financial assistance, textbook(s), or equipment complete the Emergency Assistance & Lending Library Application.

Students may be eligible for Textbook Loans/Emergency Assistance if:

  • Currently enrolled (should not be a new or returning student)
  • Should be in good academic standing
  • Complete a Lending Library (LL)/Emergency Assistance (EA) application
  • Submit information and/or documentation explaining how the need constitutes an emergency
  • Provide any supporting documentation to prove the need to bsnyder@ogeecheetech.edu (i.e. quote/ estimate, receipts, bills, lease, etc.)
  • Must provide a sufficient plan to be able to financially manage the remainder of the time as a student at OTC
  • Should have not received financial assistance from Emergency Assistance within the past year

    *A returning student is someone who has sat out from OTC for two consecutive semesters prior to current enrollment.

Equipment can be specific tools required for a course or technology/equipment needed to complete online courses. While the textbooks/equipment are in your possession, you are responsible for them. Any textbooks/equipment damaged, lost, or stolen will have to be replaced. A hold will be placed on students' accounts for textbooks/equipment needing to be replaced or are overdue. This hold will be released upon the return of the textbook/equipment in the same condition as it was borrowed.

Preference is given to students who are nearing the end of their academic program and have not received financial assistance from Emergency Assistance during the current fiscal year. Upon approval of your request, you will receive an email via your student email from the Office of Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs. You will check out textbooks/equipment from the Office of Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Office (JEK 198).

Incomplete applications will not be processed. The application review is a minimum of two (2) business days.

Additional resources for Statesboro residents:

Statesboro Housing Authority: 80 E 33 Cone Homes, Statesboro, GA 30458  |  (912) 764-3512  |  phada.org

ACTS: 515 Denmark St Ste 500, Statesboro, GA 30458  (912) 489-4588  |  actsbulloch.org
Provides one-time emergency assistance with utility bills, rent, food, and clothing for those in need. Bulloch County residents only.

Additional resources for Georgia residents

www. findhelpga.org Vetted resources you can look up by Zip Code (Food, Housing/Goods, Health, Disability/Aging, Early Childhood, Caregivers, Adult Education/Training, Money/Employment, Transportation, Safety/legal)

OASIS Food Pantry

If you or anyone you know at OTC needs assistance, please direct them to this link to fill out a food pantry request, or have them email Beckie Snyder at bsnyder@ogeecheetech.edu .

If you would like to donate food items to help keep the pantry stocked, email Beckie Snyder.
Items needed the most include – peanut butter, jelly, pancake mix, pancake syrup, dry pasta, spaghetti sauce, Manwich sauce, rice, ramen, macaroni & cheese, canned fruit, oatmeal, grits, canned peas, tuna, and canned chicken.

Additional resources for Stateboro Residents: 

Soup Kitchen: Statesboro First - Soup Kitchen

Statesboro Food Bank: Contact - Statesboro Food Bank, The Food Bank, Inc.

Contact information

Beckie Snyder
Administrative Assistant to AVPSA

1 Joe Kennedy Blvd. | Statesboro, Georgia 30458
Office 198, Joseph E. Kennedy Building | Phone: 912.871.1635
Email: bsnyder@ogeecheetech.edu