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The Technical College System of Georgia and Ogeechee Technical College shall facilitate leadership development and personal enrichment for students by providing them with the opportunity to participate in a variety of organizations which they may join and activities that they may participate.


A student organization is usually formed to advance a specific interest or need associated with higher education. Membership into these organizations must be open to all technical college students unless the nature of the organization is focused on certain criteria (i.e. honor society).


Any of a range of programs designed to serve the cultural, recreational, service, or social interests of students. Major events must be coordinated through the Office of Student Affairs. All activities must be approved in advance by the Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.


The formal and official sanction granted to an organization by the College, thereby warranting its legitimacy as a student group. All organizations must achieve approval in advance by the Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.


Student organizations shall comply with the College’s Policy on Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.

Adopted: March 1991
Revised: April 23, 2001, October 21, 2003, June 1, 2006, May 26, 2011
Code: 05-06-01


Guidelines for Student Organizations and Activities

Application for Student Club Recognition

Request to Hold Fund Raising Event (OTCNet Form)

Student Club & Organization Term Report (eTrieve)

Student Leadership Council By-Laws

OTC Policies & Procedures: Solicitation Policy , Dress Code , Marketing Guidelines

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