Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment Program provides high school students the opportunity to “jump-start” postsecondary education during the high school years. Once a student meets the admissions requirements and is accepted to Ogeechee Technical College, the high school student will be free to “move on” earlier to the next educational level.

Earn college credit while in high school!

Participate in Dual Enrollment and receive college credit without reducing the number of HOPE hours available to you upon graduation from high school.

Make the most of your time!

Ogeechee Tech teaches college-level courses on participating high school campuses, enabling you to earn college-level credit. YOU CAN ALSO... Select from our wide variety of classes at Ogeechee Tech, if you prefer the college experience.

Be better prepared for your future!

Dual enrollment programs enhance student engagement, improve graduation rates, and increase student learning. Credits earned through Dual Enrollment give students extra opportunities to get a head start on a career path they desire.

Getting started on your college education has never been easier!

  1. PRE-PLANNING: Meet with your high school counselor to discuss whether Dual Enrollment is an option for you.
  2. ADMISSION: Contact OTC’s High School Coordinator for Admissions Requirements. (Click the "Book Now" button to schedule an appointment with OTC's High School Coordinator.)
    High School Coordinator - dualenrollment@ogeecheetech.edu
  3. ADVISEMENT: Upon admission, you will meet with your counselor and OTC’s High School Coordinator to discuss course options.
  4. ORIENTATION: You will be required to schedule and attend an OTC orientation prior to starting classes.

Dual Enrollment students can enroll in up to 15 credit hours per semester. Earn college credit and save money on future college costs!*

*Dual Enrollment covers tuition, mandatory fees, and textbooks

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