Ogeechee Technical College Announces More Online Course Offerings through Statewide eCampus Platform

Posted on Mar 30, 2021 at 14:31 PM

eCampus StudentOgeechee Technical College is providing students access to more online courses through a statewide platform called “eCampus”. This Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) initiative provides students the ability to enroll in online courses offered by any TCSG college, allowing students access to programs that may not be available at their home technical college. Upon completion of the online course, students receive credit at Ogeechee Tech the same way they would had they completed the course in-person on campus.

“We are excited about the rollout of the eCampus initiative and how it will continue to meet the needs of our students,” said Lori Durden, OTC President. “Being able to broaden the class and program offerings available through our College while increasing the flexibility through which students have access to quality technical education is a win-win.”  

Prior to the launch of eCampus, students were limited to the courses available at the specific technical college in which they enrolled. This inhibited opportunities available to students based on their location or who may have limited transportation means to get to campus. Through eCampus, Ogeechee Tech students now have access to online courses that are taught by an instructor from another TCSG college. Students get the personalized experience of being a part of OTC as well as the opportunity to take advantage of courses offered by other TCSG colleges.  

“TCSG is compelled to reach every person looking for an opportunity to enrich their lives through education and skills training,” said TCSG Commissioner, Greg Dozier. “With the implementation of eCampus, our technical college system has the ability to offer technical college curricula to all students, regardless of where they live. By pooling resources in this shared platform, eCampus will also ensure our technical colleges are meeting workforce demand.”

eCampus provides tremendous flexibility for those students who previously were limited by the time of day a specific course was offered. This is particularly true for students whose work schedules conflicted with their course schedules.eCampus helps eliminate these barriers to working adults by bringing courses and colleges services to students on demand and in a virtual environment.   

Ogeechee Tech students simply register for the courses they want to take and eCampus will guide them through their selected course of study, with real advisors from their home campus, empowered by virtual assistants to help them organize their studies in a state-of-the-art online learning environment. eCampus will also provide a single source for collecting and documenting a student’s achievements, competencies, and credentials to highlight when preparing for future employment.

TCSG will expand eCampus throughout the next few months. During Phase 2, eCampus will provide a digital one-stop student center offering breakout rooms that provide online access for admissions, financial aid, tutoring, and career services. During Phase 3, the eCampus digital profile will provide pathways to interaction with potential employers and connection to other students and alumni.

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Ogeechee Technical College (OTC) is a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia. OTC provides student‐centered academic and occupational programs and support services at the associate degree, diploma, and certificate levels. OTC utilizes traditional and distance education methodologies in state-of-the-art facilities while supporting adult education, continuing education, and customized business and industry workforce training.




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