What is GATRACS?

The Georgia Transfer Articulation Cooperative Services (GATRACS) is a partnership between the University System of Georgia, Technical College System of Georgia, Georgia Department of Education and the Georgia Student Finance Commission. GATRACS objective is to improve information on articulation opportunities and course transferability in the State of Georgia. The project is funded through the College Access Challenge Grant.

Go to to set up an account.
Click on the College Planning button.
Click on GATRACS.

Why is my course not listed on the GATRACS site?

New equivalencies are loaded to GATRACS regularly. If you don’t see the course you are looking for, it does not mean you will not receive credit. Contact the Registrar’s Office to determine if a course can be used for transfer of credit at Ogeechee Technical College. Ogeechee Tech distinguishes between the acceptance of credit and the applicability toward program requirements. Applicability of credit toward a credential refers to the prerogative of the academic divisions to count specific credit toward fulfillment of graduation requirements.

In addition to using the GATRACS, do I still need to talk to an academic advisor?

GATRACS is a tool designed to assist you in the transfer process. In addition to the information you find on the GATRACS website, you should also seek the assistance of an advisor or transfer counselor regarding transfer credit. While credits for a course may transfer, an advisor/counselor can help you make sure the course also counts toward your degree and graduation requirements.

When do my credits transfer?

  • In order for the Registrar to evaluate credit, the students must submit official transcripts from all colleges to Ogeechee Tech. All official transcripts must include final grades.
  • Students may receive transfer credit for courses for which they earned a C or better. The Registrar will not award transfer credit with grades below a C, including D, F, I, IP, W, WF, and WP.
  • Due to the rapid changes in technology and technical information, program-specific courses will be considered for transfer credit in a program only if the coursework has been completed within the past five years (60 months). Technical courses that were taken five years prior to admission to Ogeechee Tech will be evaluated for technical currency for course content by the program faculty. A student desiring consideration of credit for technical courses or experiences that are more than five years old can request transfer by exemption testing.
  • Transfer credit will be considered without restriction of completion dates for those courses in academic disciplines. Examples of these courses include, but are not limited to, English, psychology, mathematics, physical sciences, natural sciences, and social sciences.
  • The Registrar will not award transfer credit for learning support coursework or other institutional courses such as college orientation courses taken at other colleges.
  • The transfer credit is recorded as TRA, TRB, or TRC on the Ogeechee Tech transcript and is not included in the calculation of the semester, cumulative, or graduation grade point average. The third letter indicates the actual grade earned in the course. For competitive admission programs, grades for credit earned as transfer credit will be evaluated for GPA and calculated in the GPA under consideration for program admission.
  • Students may access their records online through the College website via BannerWeb to verify the transfer credit awarded by the Registrar.
  • If coursework is earned at a nationally accredited college, Ogeechee Tech reserves the right to evaluate
  • instructor credentials applicable to the requested transfer coursework.

How will quarter credits transfer into a semester credit system?

Each quarter credit is equal to 2/3 of a semester credit. Some colleges and universities will multiply your credits by .67; some may use .667 or even .6667. For example, if you took a 4 quarter-credit course, it would be equated to 2.67 semester credits at your receiving institution. A 3 quarter-credit course would be equated to 2 semester credits.

You should be aware that once this mathematical formula is applied to your quarter credits in transfer, you may be short of credits in specific requirements.

Will my technical college credits transfer?

Each college or university has different policies when it comes to the transfer of technical credits. Before applying for admission, ask about the transfer institution’s transfer policy as it applies to technical credit