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Posted on Apr 22, 2021 at 19:37 PM

Grandkids College brings together the young and young-at-heart for a half-day summer camp that forges connections between generations, helps children learn about potential careers, and raises awareness of the programs offered at Ogeechee Technical College.

What is Grandkids College?

This half-day summer camp brings together grandparents and grandkids, ages 8-14, for a truly unique, fun-filled experience and an opportunity to create lasting family memories. You will select an area of study that piques your interest and participate in two different class sessions. Each session will include a variety of hands-on activities and is led by an Ogeechee Technical College faculty member.  

Not a grandparent? Not a problem.

Grandkids College is an opportunity for that special “GrandAdult” (aunt, uncle, neighbor, godparent, friend) to create lifelong memories with a young family member.

We also welcome trios of participants! One grandparent can bring two grandkids, or two grandparents can bring one grandkid. All three participants MUST be enrolled in the same area of study and attend on the same day.  Adults must accompany children at all times.

Grandkids College will be held on June 15 for children ages 8-10, and on June 17 for children ages 11-14. 

Please be sure to register for the correct day. Classes sizes will be limited to ensure the health and safety of all.


Healthcare Heroes - (Nursing & Paramedic)

Set off on a journey through the healthcare field! Step inside an ambulance, examine how germs spread, and walk through a day in the life of a nurse as you learn and practice patient care skills on each other. Begin your healthcare travels with us and become a hero for a day!

Super Sleuths - (Criminal Justice & Cybersecurity)

Come and learn how to become Statesboro’s next crime detective! Discover how to lift fingerprints and how detectives work with dogs to solve crimes.   Your crime-solving skills will be put to the test as you work to solve a mystery.   You will even be able to use your super-sleuthing skills at home to find out who took the last cookie!

Automation Nation - (Electric & Robotics)

Thanks to technology, the future is here!  Explore the concepts of electricity and the world of robotics as you engage in hands-on activities that expand your knowledge.  Whether you want to pursue a rewarding career in manufacturing or find a new hobby, discover how technology is impacting your everyday life.

Animal Escapades - (Wildlife & Veterinary Technology)

Calling all animal lovers, great and small!  Come and examine some of our furry friends, participate in teddy bear surgery, and discover the eating habits of owls.  Through compassion and a little bit of science, you’ll learn how to care for our friends in the animal kingdom.


{slide=Who is eligible to participate?|closed}

Grandkids College is open to children between the ages of 8 and 14 who are accompanied by a grandparent or adult relative. This program is not designed for parents to accompany their children.  Grandkids must be accompanied by an adult at all times.{/slide}

{slide=What are the age requirements?|closed}

Children must be 8-14 years old.{/slide}

{slide=Must the adult be the child's grandparent?|closed}

While this program is designed for grandparents and grandchildren, we recognize that some situations may arise where a grandparent is unable to attend and a child's, Godparent, relative, or special family friend(s) may accompany them in the program. {/slide}

{slide=Can one adult bring two children?|closed}

Yes! A grandparent may bring two (2) grandchildren. All three must be enrolled in the same program area and the same day. In some sessions, this means sharing equipment and working together as one unit. The cost for this option is $79.{/slide}

{slide=Can two grandparents bring one grandchild?|closed}

Yes! Two grandparents (or another special adult pair) may bring one grandchild. This is a wonderful option if the paternal and maternal grandmothers or grandfathers wish to participate (or perhaps a special aunt and uncle or Godparents). In some sessions, this means sharing equipment and working together as one unit.  All three must be enrolled in the same program area and the same day. The cost for this option is $79.{/slide}

{slide=Can my grandchild and I take different majors?|closed}

No, you must take the same major as the grandchild you are bringing.{/slide}

{slide=Can we register for a major not in our age range?|closed}

No, age ranges are set so that the instruction is appropriate for that group.{/slide}

{slide=Is there another date and time that this program is being offered?|closed}

Grandkids College is only offered one time each summer.{/slide}

{slide=What is the physical activity level of the program?|closed}

GKC takes place in a variety of spaces across campus, and walking is the primary mode of transportation. Walking distances may be up to ¼ mile throughout the day. Due to the size of the program and the number of staff available, we are unable to provide personal mobility assistance.{/slide}

{slide=What time should we arrive? |closed}

Specific details will be sent to all participants a few days before the event and will include what time to arrive, where to park, classroom location, what to bring, and all the other details involving this experience. {/slide}

{slide=What COVID-19 safety precautions are being implemented?|closed}

Grandkids College will follow the latest Georgia Department of Public Health guidelines pertaining to COVID-19.  Hand sanitizer and hand wipes will be made available in all public spaces and in each classroom.  Face masks will be required when social distancing can’t be maintained.  {/slide}

{slide=What special accommodations can be made for me?|closed}

Special accommodations may be made by contacting the Director for Continuing Education at 912-4871-8544, no later than June 1, 2021.{/slide}

{slide=What is the cancellation policy?|closed}

If you need to cancel, a request for a full refund must be made no later than 5:00 pm on June 2, 2021.  We are unable to issue any refunds after this date since we have already incurred the majority of the expenses for Grandkids College. As a self-funded program, we cannot use public university dollars, and therefore late refunds are not possible. Please consider this carefully when registering.{/slide}

{slide=If sessions are canceled, do I get a refund?|closed}

Sessions may be canceled due to low enrollment or inclement weather. In case of cancellation, you will be notified as soon as possible and have the option of transferring to another program area or receive a full refund. {/slide}

{slide=Can I send a substitute person in my place?|closed}

Substitutions are allowed.  Substitutes must be in the same category (adult or child) as the person they are replacing.{/slide}

{slide=What is the registration fee of Grandkids College?|closed}

$59.00 for one grandparent and one grandkid. $79.00 for trios.{/slide}

Should you have additional questions, contact Dawn Oliver at 912-871-8544 or email





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