OTC gaming club raises money for Make-a-Wish

Posted on Jun 25, 2020 at 18:08 PM

Ogeechee Technical College’s student gaming club, Out to Conquer, raised $300 for the Make-a-Wish® Georgia's competition - When Stars Align Challenge. The challenge was a call for Georgia streamers to raise money for local wishes affected by COVID-19.

“The original idea was passed along to us through the Georgia Game Developers Association (GGDA),” said April Burkes, an employee of the college and staff advisor to the club. “I pitched the idea to the students, and they thought that it was a great way to get the community involved in a worthy cause.” The GGDA is a statewide video gamers association that provides networking, continuing education and workshops to its members.

Much like televised sports, streaming for gamers is the broadcasting of individuals or teams playing video games that a live audience can watch from their own devices. Out to Conquer chose to stream their broadcast on Twitch, a popular streaming service for gamers, for four hours each day, June 17-19. During the stream, members of Out to Conquer shared information with their viewers about the challenge asking them to donate online through a link provided. During their final stream on Friday, the club had reached their $300 goal.

OTC President Lori Durden played an instrumental role in the founding of the student club in 2017. She recently expressed her appreciation of the students' ingenuity, "COVID-19 has brought many challenges to our students and our campus, but I'm incredibly proud of how our students continue to find creative ways to bring the community together, especially for such a great cause."

Students Mikayla Haigh, Trey Morrison, Mike Millette, Chris Archambeault and Jeremy Kaylen streamed themselves playing popular online games League of Legends, Paladins, Dauntless and Twitch Sings. Haigh, who is earning her associate degree in Computer Information Systems from OTC, commented on the combining of her personal passion with community compassion, “I think the fundraiser was a really great way to be able to give. It was a lot of fun being able to do what we do and make a difference.”

OTC Computer Information Systems instructor Terry Hand and Burkes also participated in the group's successful fundraising effort.

Higher Education is seeing an increasing number of college gaming clubs across the country. Out to Conquer, who recently competed in its first-ever online event, now has 36 members and provides an enjoyable, social space for the many game and video game players of all skill levels and interests at Ogeechee Technical College. They do this through networking and organized events to promote the growth of the gaming and eSports community and provide camaraderie between all gamers.




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