OTC Live - The Diamond Experience

Posted on Oct 20, 2020 at 15:52 PM

 OTC Live with Deborah DeLoach

OTC Live is a virtual session hosted by the OTC Student Affairs Team.

These sessions will give you a chance to connect and get your questions answered.

We also encourage current students who are a part of featured programs to join the conversation
and invite those who may be interested in enrolling at OTC. 

* Thinking of applying? Participation waves your application fee!
* Current student? There will be a chance to win prizes!


Missed a session? Click below to view a previous OTC Live.

05.27.2021 - Fish & Wildlife Management with Casey Corbett

06.10.2021 - Culinary Arts with Chef Bryan Richard

06.24.2021 - Early Childhood Care & Education with Paula Clifton

07.22.2021 - Logistics Management with Jillian Walton

08.05.2021 - Pharmacy Technology with Rashunda Bell




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