Substance Abuse

Posted on Apr 06, 2022 at 18:35 PM

Start Your Recovery Substance Abuse and Support, is an important resource for young adults who may be struggling with substance misuse. It was developed by bringing together experts in substance misuse treatment from leading nonprofit, academic, and government institutions.  Through this resource, students can hear stories from people with similar experiences and learn how to recognize and deal with substance misuse.

 Overdose Prevention
•   Georgia Overdose Prevention Project - An advocacy organization that provides free naloxone kits to Georgians through the mail.
•   Recovery in Georgia - Detailed guide featuring Georgia's Good Samaritan Laws, as well as a list of local overdose prevention resources
•   The Summit Wellness Group - This guide covers signs and symptoms of overdoses to 8 of the most commonly abused drugs. Also features advocacy and prevention resources.
•   Opioid Overdose Rescue - Outlines 3 simple steps to save a life in the event of an opioid overdose. Includes helpful reference videos.


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