Surgical Technology Program Holds Pinning Ceremony

Posted on Aug 20, 2020 at 21:01 PM

Seven students in the Surgical Technology program at Ogeechee Technical College received their pins in an annual pinning ceremony held at 4:00 pm in the Joseph E. Kennedy Auditorium.

During the ceremony, Sohil Patel, Certified Surgical Technologist at the Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery, and 2019 alum, informed the students of the tough road ahead but encouraged them that their training at Ogeechee Tech had prepared them for it. 

“What you all will be doing is not easy, or a job for the faint-hearted. It requires both mental and physical toughness along with a thick layer of skin,” said Patel. “Go out and shine, represent your teachings and skills in the operating rooms across the state and the country with confidence.” 

Terry Crosson, Surgical Technology program director, was incredibly proud of this year’s pin recipients, “These students have worked hard to overcome the challenges they’ve faced during the pandemic,” she said. “They have persevered and have proven that they have what it takes to overcome the obstacles they may face when they enter the workforce.”

The seven students who received their pins were: Taylor Burns, Samantha Griffin, Sarah Myers, Kimberlyn Owens, Taylor Smith, Heather Snowden and Ashley Wilkerson.

Snowden compared her learning experience to the challenges she faced growing up while playing a popular childhood game, “The surgical technology program was challenging, yet rewarding. For me, it was like navigating a real-life game of Operation. You quickly learn that even the smallest errors could have major consequences. However, if you have the patience and develop the right skills, you will be adequately prepared for a career working in the operating room.”

The ceremony included a keynote address from Patel, an introduction and reading by Crosson, the presentation of pins, and a reciting of the Surgical Technology pledge.

The purpose of the Ogeechee Technical College Surgical Technology program is to provide entry-level technical skills to students desiring to become Certified Surgical Technologists. The program provides classroom, laboratory, and clinical training for students desiring employment as a qualified entry-level practitioner in the field of Surgical Technology and related areas. To learn more about the Surgical Technology Program at Ogeechee Tech, visit




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