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Posted on Aug 26, 2020 at 12:51 PM

Newly renovated facility offers state of the art education for Ogeechee Tech nursing program

By Sam Bauman | August 25, 2020 at 12:58 PM EDT - Updated August 25 at 7:09 PM

 STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - A newly renovated facility at Ogeechee Tech is now offering nursing students a real world experience from the safety of a classroom.

Of course, it sounds and looks like a real hospital. But in reality, it’s all a simulation.

“We are really blessed at Ogeechee Tech to have this wonderful new nursing simulation skills lab facility,” said Practical Nursing Program Director Sharlene Conley.

The newly renovated, nearly 4,500 square foot space offers nursing students at Ogeechee Tech everything from the birthing simulation, to injections and much more.


New Technology: Sim Man Essentials (a high fidelity manikin) and 8 functioning headwall units that can simulate oxygen delivery and suctioning.

Additional Equipment in the lab:

  • Sim Jr. (pediatric high-fidelity)
  • Sim Mom (high-fidelity birthing manikin)
  • Infant radiant warmer
  • 6 IV arms
  • 5 chest simulators
  • 2 simulation rooms with Av equipment and two-way intercom.
  • 2 alaris IV medication pumps
  • 4 Baxter IV medication pumps
  • 7 low-medium fidelity manikins
  • 5 medication carts with laptops to administer medications with barcode scanning

Renovated Space: 4,459 square feet.

By now you may have picked up that these mannequins are no dummies. In fact, they can be programmed to give abnormal readings.

Challenging students but giving them a glimpse into a real life scenario.

“I feel like practicing here in the skills lab will help me be prepared for when things do go wrong and I’ll be able to assist my patient with what they need and provide them the utmost care,” said Senior Nursing student Lindsey Chase.

Providing confidence by providing a safe place to learn from their mistakes.

“If they make mistakes we’re able to look back and look at our recording and go over through a debriefing process to really help that learning take place,” said Conley.

Like watching game film, students can look back at what they did right, and what went wrong.

“So, when they step foot into the hospital, or another healthcare facility, they really feel prepared to encounter that real patient for the very first time,” Conley said.

So, even though it may not be a real hospital, or real patients what these students are learning has a very real application, getting them skilled to work.

For more information on the simulation skills lab and the nursing program at Ogeechee Tech, click here.

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