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Why Agribusiness?

Does being part of the largest industry in the state of Georgia that has community, state, and even global impact sound interesting to you? The Agribusiness program can give you the skills you need to succeed in this ever-growing field. Agribusiness is an integral part of our everyday life. It presents unique challenges and opportunities, including the risks and uncertainties of agricultural production, reliance on natural resources, and innovative technology within commercial agriculture and food processing.  

Top Careers

  • Farm Supply Sales
  • AG Technician
  • Inspector
  • Commodity Producer
  • Associate Degree
  • Diploma
  • Certificate
  • In-Person
  • Online
  • Day Class

Program Purpose Statement

The mission of the Ogeechee Technical College Agribusiness Program is to meet the education and training needs of the agribusiness community and regional employment markets by preparing individual students for competent employment in various sectors of the agricultural economy.