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General Education Courses  Online

Accounting Associate of Applied Science (AC13)
Accounting Diploma (AC12)
Computerized Accounting Specialist Certificate (CAY1)
Office Accounting Specialist Certificate (OA31)
Payroll Accounting Specialist Certificate (PA61)

Business Management
Business Management Associate of Applied Science (MD13)
Business Management Diploma (MD12)
Management and Leadership Specialist Certificate (MAL1)
Supervisor/Management Specialist Certificate (SS31)
Human Resource Management Specialist Certificate (HRM1)

Business Technology
Business Technology Associate of Applied Science (BA23)
Business Healthcare Technology Associate of Applied Science (BHT3)
Business Technology Diploma (BA22)
Business Healthcare Technology Diploma (BHT2)
Healthcare Billing and Reimbursement Assistant Certificate (HBA1)
Healthcare Office Assistant Certificate (HFA1)
Administrative Support Assistant Certificate (AS21)
Microsoft Office Application Professional Certificate (MF41)

Computer Information Systems
Information Technology Professional AAS Degree (ITP3)
Information Technology Professional Diploma (ITP4)
CompTIA A+ Certified Preparation Certificate (CA61)
CompTIA A+ Certified Technician Prep Certificate (CA71)
Cyber Crime Specialist Certificate (CCR1)
Advanced Computer Security Specialist Certificate (AG71)
Microsoft Network Administrator Certificate (MS11)
Network Technician Certificate (NT41)
Network Support Specialist Certificate (NS31)
Computer Security Specialist Technical Certificate (CS11)

Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Technology Associate of Applied Science (CJT3)
Criminal Justice Technology Diploma (CJT2)
Introduction to Criminal Justice Certificate (IT51)
Crime Scene Fundamentals Certificate (CZ31)
Criminal Justice Fundamentals Certificate (CJ71)
Criminal Justice Specialist Certificate (CJ21)

Early Childhood Care and Education
Early Childhood Program Administration Certificate (ECP1)

Health Information Management Technology
Health Information Management Technology Associate of Applied Science (HI13)

Radiologic Technology
Computed Tomography Specialist Certificate (CT91)

Technical Studies
Applied Technical Management Associate of Applied Science (AS33)

Health Science Core
ALHS 1011- Structure and Function of the Human Body
ALHS 1060 - Diet and Nutrition for Allied Health Sciences
ALHS 1090 - Medical Terminology for Allied Health Sciences

Certificate/Diploma Level Core
COLL 1010 - College and Career Success Skills
EMPL 1000 - Interpersonal Relations and Professional Development
ENGL 1010 - Fundamentals of English I
MATH 1012 - Foundations of Mathematics
PSYC 1010 - Basic Psychology

Degree Level Core
BIOL 2113 - Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL 2113L - Anatomy and Physiology Lab I
BIOL 2114 - Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL 2114L - Anatomy and Physiology Lab II
ENGL 1101- Composition and Rhetoric
ENGL 1102 - Literature and Composition
ENGL 2130 - American Literature
MATH 1101- Mathematical Modeling
MATH 1111- College Algebra
MUSC 1101- Music Appreciation
PSYC 1101- Introductory Psychology
PHYS 1110 - Conceptual Physics
SPCH 1101- Public Speaking