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Program Purpose Statement

The AAS in Applied Technical Management allows a student to complete a diploma in a program area and to continue to this AAS. In addition to the skills and knowledge obtained in the diploma, the student will obtain degree-level general education knowledge and business related skills and knowledge.
To be able to be promoted or to be eligible for jobs that require more than the knowledge and skills received from a specific technical area, students need additional knowledge and training than what was provided in the diploma program. Often times to be eligible to apply for a promotion or a specific job, an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree is needed. By obtaining the AAS in Technical Management, the student will be able to complete his/her associate degree and possibly continue to a bachelor's degree if she/she so chooses. To run a business, a person needs to have specific technical skills (such as welding or automotive) but also enough business knowledge to run a business. In addition, with the tight economy, businesses need employees who possess more than one skill. A student who graduates with a specific skills and has business-related skills could do the work, supervise the work, or help with the business side of the job. Since this program does not focus on one specific occupational area, it is difficult to provide data on annual openings and places of employment.