Student Grievances

Ogeechee Technical College faculty and administrative staff have the right and responsibility to exercise professional judgment in making decisions about student performance and progress. The College is accountable for setting and maintaining standards of academic performance and is committed to ensuring students are treated fairly in regard to all matters that relate to academic performance and progress. A student will be provided with a fair opportunity to have decisions that are believed by the student to negatively impact academic performance and progress reviewed in accordance with policies and procedures established by the College. If a student believes that a basis exists for appealing an academic decision regarding a grade which prevents progression in a program of study, that student should first attempt to resolve the matter through discussion with the instructor who made the decision.

A student has five (5) working days to discuss the academic decision. The expectation is that the difference of opinion is to be resolved as closely as possible to the level at which it originated, and as quickly as is possible with careful review.

It is only when a disagreement cannot be resolved through this informal process that the student should proceed with the next step in the appeal process. To continue the appeal process, the student must submit written notification to the Dean for Academic Affairs regarding the decision under question within five (5) working days of the discussion with the instructor. The Dean for Academic Affairs, upon completion of his/her review (course outline, documentation related to the student’s progress, transcript, summary of events, etc.) may uphold, modify, or reverse the academic decision. The Dean for Academic Affairs will notify the student, the instructor, and the Registrar (if necessary) in writing of his/her decision with a rationale for the decision. If any party believes that the decision is not fair or reasonable, the decision may be appealed to the Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs within five (5) working days from the decision from the Dean for Academic Affairs. This gives the opportunity to ensure that all necessary and relevant information, documentation, opinion, and argument are fairly presented. The decision of the Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs is final.

A student may seek advice from a counselor for support and direction.

Any complaints pertaining to an Ogeechee Technical College online course or program should be filed with Ogeechee Technical College in accordance with the Academic Appeals or Student Grievance Procedures.

Complaints needing further investigation beyond the college level may be submitted to TCSG using the Program Integrity Complaint Form. Before submitting to TCSG, students need to ensure they have followed the institution’s process.

A student may appeal to the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission (GNPEC) if the institution’s and TCSG’s resolution is not satisfactory; however, please note that the Commission will not investigate a complaint unless the student has exhausted all available grievance procedures outlined by the institution. GNPEC does not resolve complaints about student grades and student conduct violations. These complaints fall under the jurisdiction of institutional policy.

Student Grievance Form

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