Training or Help Needed

Training or Help Needed–New Advisor or Just Need Assistance?

Career Services is very flexible in providing assistance to advisors. If you feel you need assistance in learning how to update reports or coding your students out, or would like to gain additional insight into placement reports please don’t hesitate to contact Career Services. Contact information is below.

Cindy Phillips
Director for Career Placement and Student Support Services

Phone: 912.871.1620  |  Email:


Career Services looks forward to hearing from you!

Some of the Assistance/Training Provided in the Past to Advisors

  • Coding students out on the reports
  • One-on-one Review of completed reports prior to being submitted
  • Tips on resumes
  • Finding resume material
  • Discussing job search techniques for class use
  • Finding out why student or on my report that have not taken program classes and what do I do with them?
  • Pointers for teaching career search related topics