Salon Services

Salon Phone: 912.871.1984 

The Cosmetology Salon is Located in Room #822 of the Occupational Studies Building
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Haircut $10.00
Nape trim $5.00
Beard/Mustache $5.00


Shampoo Only $8.00
Blow Dry Style $20.00
Braids $2.00 (each)
Curling Iron or Flat Iron Style $25.00
Fingerwaves (Possible upcharge for long hair) $25.00
Flat Twists $2.00 (each)
Silk Press (No Treatment) $40.00
Silk Press with Hydro Treatment  $55.00
Locks (Starter) $50.00
Locks (Re-tighten only) $40.00
Roller Set $20.00
Spiral Set $30.00
Two-Strand Twists $50.00
Updo (Possible upcharge, depends on length of hair) $25.00



Extensions can only be performed on clean hair in the OTC salon. Clients are responsbile for supplying the needed tools, needle, thread, glue, and hair.

Braid Down $30.00
Crochet Style (include braid down) ($50) $50.00
Glue-in $2.00 (per track)
Glue-in (whole head) $40.00
Glue-on Wig (does not include Braid down/style) $70.00
Sew-in (half head) $40.00
Sew-in (whole head) $70.00
* Included in full head glue/sew-in

Hair/Scalp Treatments

Hydro Hair Treatment $15.00
Instant Leave-in Conditioner $3.00
Reconstructor Conditioner $10.00
Scalp Massage $5.00
Seabreeze $1.00


French-tip Polish $5.00
Gel Polish Change (Hands or feet) $8.00
Manicure (Hot oil or water) $10.00
Parrafin Treatment  (Hands or feet) $7.00
Pedicure $15.00
Polish Change (Hands or feet) $4.00


Corrective Color $40.00
Demi-Permanent Color * $30.00
Permanent Color * $30.00
Semi-Permanet Color * $30.00
Smudge Root $30.00
Bleach Retouch $40.00
Virgin Bleach * $40.00
Add-on Special Effect Foils $2.00 (each)
Cap Highlights * $35.00
Full Head Foils * (High or Low Lights) $40.00
Partial Foils * $30.00
Baliage/Ombre * $40.00
Toner $30.00
* Additional Color Application $10.00


Chemical Relaxer

Price includes conditioner and style.

Retouch Relaxer $35.00
Retouch Relaxer with Haircut $40.00
Virgin Relaxer $35.00
Virgin Relaxer with Haircut $50.00

Permanent Wave

Price includes haircut, style, conditioner, and depends on length of hair.

Permanent Wave * $35.00
Specialty Wrap * $55.00
Spiral Wrap * $55.00
Soft Curl Perm * $35.00
* Additional Waving Product $7.00

Skin Care Services

Plain Facial $15.00
Arm Wax $15.00
Chin Wax $6.00
Eyebrow Wax $7.00
Lip Wax $15.00
Full Leg Wax $40.00
Half Leg Wax $20.00
Lash & Brow Tint $10.00
Specialty Facial Treatment $15.00
Sideburn Wax $7.00

All work will be performed by students.
  • The work performed by students cannot be guaranteed.
  • Students' work requires more time to complete and should not be rushed.
  • All services offered will be performed on skin that is in good condition.
  • The service that you request and receive may cause irritation because of your skin's present condition.
  • Children are not allowed in the salon without an appointment.
  • Responsible behavior and adherence to the practices and rules of the Esthetics Program and the Cosmetology Department are expected of clients.
  • Clients are to secure all valuable items while in the Cosmetology Department.

As set forth in its student catalog, Ogeechee Technical College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, gender, religion, disability, age, political affiliation or belief, genetic information, veteran status, or citizenship status (except in those special circumstances permitted or mandated by law). The following person (s) has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination  policies: Title IX Coordinator, Office 193, Joseph E. Kennedy Building, 912.871.1885,; Seciton504 Coordinator, Office 189, Joseph E Kennedy building, 912.486.7211,; One Joseph E. Kennedy Boulevard, Statesboro, GA 30458. Ogeechee Technical College is a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia.